Pokemon sun and moon trailer

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

pokemon sun and moon trailer

Pokemon Sun and Moon Official Teaser Trailer

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Nintendo has announced the release date for their highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon games this morning. The most interesting reveal in this new trailer must be the introduction of Silvally; a Pokemon whose type changes based on what item you assign it. This flexibility is quite the impressive mechanic and will surely lead to a few interesting strategies when Sun and Moon Make their long awaited debut. This latest upload from the Official Pokemon Channel gives us our first look at the evolved forms of each of the game's starter Pokemon. While Torracat the fire cat with a bad temper is clearly the winner of the group, you can't discredit the wise owl Dartrix's evolution into a proper gentleman nor Brionne's evolution into a seal ballerina. As these videos show, these evolutions will affect much more than just the Pokemon's combat abilities as they also grant them a personality boost and new animations. UB Absorption is defined by his bulky frame and beak-like mouth, while UB Beauty is a decidedly more graceful design that is apparently capable of using its beauty to destroy the will of opposing creatures.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS in November this year! A brand new trailer has been released to get us even more excited about the.
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It showed that players can travel through water on a Lapras and on land with a Tauros. Stephen is a journalist and gamer that would love for everyone to join the gaming community. Born and raised in Texas, he spends his time inside with AC away from that Texas heat playing and writing about games spanning across Nintendo and Sony. Find out more about him on CulturalMonolith. More nostalgia is on the way for fans of classic Disney games with a recent announcement confirming that two of the biggest-and most challenging- classic games in the Disney bank, The Lion King and Aladdin , will be making a remastered return this year. The Lion King and Aladdin both had live action remakes released this year which did incredibly well at the box office, with both titles raking in over a billion worldwide.

Brand new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer reveals Alola forms and Z-moves!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Official Train On #3 Trailer

Pokemon Sun and Moon News: Release Date, Trailer, Story Details, & Latest News

The Sun and Moon games are going to include all new methods of attack, new ways to travel and evolutions never before seen in Pokemon! Firstly, the new method of attack is called the Z-move. This can be used just the once per fight but will deal some serious damage to your opponent. In the all new Poke Ride feature, players can use wild Pokemon to help them travel faster across the map! On the island of Alola some Pokemon will be able to evolve into super powerful version of themselves check out the trailer for a gigantic Eggsecutor. Watch the trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon in full below…. We use little files - cookies - that we store on your computer to help personalise our website and allows us to keep track of how you use it.

Direct Trailer Theme - Pokemon Sun & Moon

And what better way to celebrate than with a pair of new games. However, be warned, it's just a standalone Sun and Moon -esque experience that's not actually a slice of the full game at all. Although, saying that it's still a great little adventure and it's totally free. Or you can just scan this handy QR code with your 3DS. There's still a few months to wait, but Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out in time for Christmas.

The games are available on the Nintendo 3DS. The paired versions were released worldwide on November 18, , except in Europe where they were released on November 23, Unlike any other main games series, the game begins with a video call made by Professor Kukui to the player. Professor Kukui helps create a Trainer Passport for the player before they and the mother move from Kanto to Alola. As they reach Iki Town, the kahuna is nowhere to be found, so Kukui sends the player to the Mahalo Trail in hopes of finding the kahuna.

First announced in February through a special Nintendo Direct , both Sun and Moon were released worldwide on November 18, , commemorating the franchise 's 20th anniversary. Upon release, the games became one of the fastest selling games in Nintendo's history. The games take place on the tropical islands of the Alola region, composed entirely of islands. Team Skull is the name of the villainous group for Alola. The player starts off as a youngster moving from Kanto to Alola's Melemele Island with their mother.

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