Frank vascellaro and amelia santaniello house

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frank vascellaro and amelia santaniello house

Gallery: Amelia Santaniello cracked up after showing her husband, Frank Vascellaro, a photo of her a college friend had just emailed her.

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Read our full behind-the-scenes story here. The rest is history — well, almost. Amelia: Hah! But there used to be a fundraiser at the Calhoun Beach Club and a lot of people from the TV stations went. And we talked very little about TV, it was mostly about our families, our lives growing up.

Ten years later, her husband, Frank Vascellaro, joined her as co-anchor. They are the first married couple to co-anchor a news program in the Twin Cities. She started her career in Washington, D.
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A pipe burst at their cabin, slowly leaking into the floors and walls for months before they discovered it. By then, mold and water damage totaled the cabin. Minnesotans who have a weekend cabin, or leave the state during winter, or just go away for a few days on vacation know that the destructive force of water is nothing to mess with. Water Damage contractor Mark Mason sees problems caused by water just about every day. He was recently at the home of Heather Davis after she heard a wave of water gush into her basement during a heavy rainstorm. Some people turn off their water for winter. After their cabin was destroyed, they learned about a way to avoid water damage — an home water-monitoring system.

WCCO's Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello relive their (funny) love story

Frank Versus Amelia: Anchor Challenge

The show is about to start; they lean forward in their seats. The two WCCO anchors, husband and wife, have been here so many times before.


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