10 best countries in the world to live and work

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10 Best Countries to Work In The World to Make Money

10 best countries in the world to live and work

Find out about the top 10 countries with the world's best work-life balance based on expats' experiences abroad. Denmark, Bahrain, and Norway top the list.

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When it comes to choosing the best country to live in, the answer you come up with might differ from the answers of other people, especially because it all depends on what you are using to define a country as being the best. That said, there have been many surveys conducted regarding the overall consensus as to which countries are superior in terms of livability. Various news outlets and data collectors have unveiled their findings as to which countries people view as being the best to call home. So, there is something called the Human Development Report , which is a summary comprised by the United Nations to express global satisfaction with life, as well as depict an overview of what it's like to be alive on Earth in this day and age. It is arguably one of the top resources for determining which countries have the happiest, healthiest, and most stable populations compared to everywhere else in the world.

We want to earn more money than we can back home. Sure, nice weather and living in a fantastic location are great incentives, but money is often the real driving factor. With hard work and effort expats are often able to change their own financial status dramatically as well as the wealth of their families and loved ones. Many countries are fully aware that expats arrive for financial reasons and are happy for expats to exchange their valuable skills for financial reward. In fact they go out of their way to make sure they are regarded as the best countries to work in, tempting people like you with in demand skills to choose their country. So if material gains are your primary reason to look for career abroad, the UK should definitely be high on your priority list. The unemployment in the UK is incredibly low, while skill shortage is pretty drastic.

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According to a study conducted by the Legatum Institute in , Norway is the best country to live in today. Below, we will dissect the top ten countries that made it to the top of the list of this prestigious ranking and the reasons for their inclusion. Ireland occupies the southern portion of the island of Ireland in the North Atlantic. It borders only North Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, to the north. The country is regularly ranked between position 10 and 15 due to educational opportunities, personal freedom, and safety in the country.

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