Did jake and erika break up

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Erika Costell finally breaks silence on her breakup with Jake Paul

did jake and erika break up

YouTubers Jake Paul and Erika Costell have broken up. Jake announced the split in a statement on Twitter, saying "it is the healthiest thing for.

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Jake Paul is opening up to fans like never before in the wake of his split from Erika Costell. In the first episode of his new web series, Jake Paul Uncut , the YouTube sensation revealed that the last "month or so" had been a trying time for the couple and, eventually, they decided it would be best to go their separate ways. Paul, 21, documented the days leading up to the split, in which he and those close to him discussed the effects of the relationship on his personal and professional life. It turned into this downward spiral where we were super toxic for each other. We know everything about each other and we know how to hurt each other. It's so sad that it got to this point," he said early in the minute video.

In heartbreaking Youtube news, Jake Paul and Erika Costell announced their break up after less than one year together. Split rumors had been swirling around the couple, known by their millions of fans as "Jerika," for weeks but it was just speculation until Jake confirmed the split on social media. In a lengthy letter on Twitter, Jake, 21, revealed the couple broke up a few weeks ago, after trying their "best to work it out and find a solution. Jake officially started dating Erika, 25, earlier this year, following his nasty split from ex-girlfriend and former Team 10 star Alissa Violet. Jake revealed that part of their relationship was fake Ś but his feelings for her were percent real.

Are Jake Paul and Erika Costell breaking up? Cryptic Tweets hint at a possible split

The internet is a weird place., In a statement on Twitter, the younger Paul vlogger said the pair "broke up awhile ago" and "it became apparent to [them] weeks ago that we could no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend. Costell was originally Jake's assistant.

Jake Paul & Erika Costell's Breakup Announcement Is Getting Mixed Reactions From Fans

Jake Paul the younger brother of controversial star, Logan Paul, announced last night that he has split from girlfriend, Erika Costell. In a lengthy emotional statement, Jake addressed the split after fans noticed Erika wasn't present in the new Team 10 photograph. According to Jake, the pair actually split weeks ago however, they've been trying their best to work it out and "find a solution" but realised they were better off apart for the meantime. While it was a truly heartbreaking decision, it is the healthiest thing for both of us. In the series, Erika admitted that Jake has gone through a hard time in the past with a competitive family and a need to always succeed, however, she noted that the relationship was good for both of them but alas, it wasn't meant to last.



Fans Came up With the Craziest Theories to Explain Jake Paul and Erika Costell's Breakup



YouTuber Erika Costell has finally opened up about her breakup Is KSI making moves on Erika Costell after her breakup with Jake Paul?.
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