Uintah and ouray indian reservation

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Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation

uintah and ouray indian reservation

Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation

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There is little written information about the Utes before According to their oral tradition, they have always lived in the region that is now northern New Mexico, Colorado, and eastern Utah. They were a nomadic mountain people and ranged throughout this area extensively, following the cycle of the seasons. The acquisition of the horse in allowed them to travel more easily over a wider range. For food, they hunted large game; gathered berries, nuts, roots and small game; and fished. For shelter, Utes built brush dwellings known as wickiups or used tipis.

Uintah & Ouray Agency

2018 State Honor Award - Ute Indian Museum

Uintah-Ouray Service Unit

The Tribe has a membership of more than three thousand individuals, with over half living on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. The Northern Ute tribe, which was moved to the Uintah Ouray Reservation, is composed of a number of bands. The tribes at the reservation include the following groups:. Utes have lived in the Great Basin region for over 10, years. People of the Fremont culture lived to the north in western Colorado, but when drought struck in the 13th century, they joined the Utes in San Luis Valley , Colorado.

It is the homeland of the Ute Indian Tribe , and is the largest of three Indian reservations inhabited by members of the Ute Tribe of Native Americans. The reservation lies in parts of seven counties; in descending order of land area they are: Uintah , Duchesne , Wasatch , Grand , Carbon , Utah , and Emery counties. The total land area is 6, The tribe owns lands that total approximately 1. As of the census , a population of 19, persons was recorded as living on the reservation. This is the second-largest Indian reservation in land area in the United States, second to the Navajo Nation , but control of the land is split among multiple authorities.

The state of Utah is named after the Utes or Yutas, a Spanish derivative. The Utes know adversity well. Following several armed conflicts with the Mormon settlers in , at the request of the Mormons through the Treaty of Spanish Fork, the Utes were forced by executive order of President Abraham Lincoln to leave their beloved, beautiful Provo Valley and relocate in the Uintah Basin. In , another reservation, the Uncompahgre Reservation was established adjacent to the Uintah Reservation and two other bands from Colorado were removed to Utah. The Utes tribal membership of 3, members operate their own tribal government and oversee approximately 1. Tribal headquarters are in Fort Duchesne, Utah. The tribe is developing its resources and pursuing its own destiny in cooperation with various government entities in the Uintah Basin, including the state of Utah.

Northern Ute People (Uintah and Ouray Reservation)

The Uintah are a western band of Ute. Tribal owned lands only cover approximately 1. Raising stock and oil and gas leases are important revenue streams for the reservation. The tribe is a member of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes. The Ute language is a southern Numic language within the Uto-Aztecan language family.




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  1. The Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation is located in northeastern Utah, United States. It is the homeland of the Ute Indian Tribe, and is the largest of three.

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