Gajeel and levy fanfiction lemon

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gajeel and levy fanfiction lemon

Doujinshi GaLe "Push"

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I then put his throbbing cock into my mouth and went back and forth bobbing up and down. I could feel his cock throb in my mouth. Without thinking I grabbed his balls and just as I moved my finger I felt something hot and sticky shot into the back of my throat. I felt something poking me from behind. Turning my head I saw my iron dragon, his eyes were filled with lust and love, not that crazy look he once had.

Gajeel invites Levy to take a bath with him and we find out that Levy isn't quite as timid and innocent as people think. Rated: Fiction M - English.
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She was seated in the middle of the table inside the guild's quarters with Lucy, Mirajane and Kana with her. Feeling the intensity of their gazes, she clutch her hands together feeling uneasy. Kana squirmed on her chair. Lucy and Mirajane both looked worriedly at her. Then after a moment, Levy gave a small nod. Kana whipped around and grabbed Levy's collar. She then pulled it down, exposing a red spot and a few scratches on the soft skin leading toward her chest.

The moon shined above her head, the air was surprisingly still. Looking up, Levy knew this dream, this nightmare. It was the same every time; Jet and Dory would be pinned to the tree, both knocked out, and she had just come to. Looking down, she would see the man who did this to them, his jet black hair spiked and standing on edge, his red eyes brimming with mirth at their position of weakness. Levy sighed. Then he would paint the mark and then knock her out and then she would wake up in her bed, probably crying. Sighing again, she felt his fingers on her stomach, calloused and cold, slowly drawing his guild's symbol on her.

I was heading to the guild hall; followed by my friends Jet and Droy. Both were talking about a mission that they had seen on the board. Since the three of us haven't been on missions together lately; they wanted to know if I wanted to go. I said I would have to see if Gajeel had picked a mission for us or not. If he hadn't then I was all theirs.

Okay, bear with me. I made this fic because I was in the mood for smut. Forgive me because it doesn't have much plot to it, I just was just kind of bored. Here you go! Levy isn't the type of person to selfishly take whatever she wants. When she does want something, she doesn't try to get it by force, but there are steps take before she can obtain something.

Levi sighed as she and her two friends, Jet and Droy, walked home from Fairy Tail. With all that was going on, Ezra told them to be careful and stay together. Phantom was causing all sorts of trouble for the Guild, and Levi really did not want to be alone at a time like this. She really did not want to be alone. She came to the peaceful town square, which was deserted this late at night.

Picture posted on the Cover Image of this story. I took a deep quivering breath the moment before I stuck my toes into the steaming hot water. It took a nearly inhuman effort for me to not stare at the gorgeous man who was already sitting in the water, his broad chest above the line of water and his bent legs parted and resting against either side of the tub. I eyed the small space that was unoccupied; doubting that even my small body could fit there and then inspiration hit me, fueled by the utter exhaustion taking over my body after the day's tiring exertions on the practice field. All I wanted was to alleviate the growing ache in my muscles and all thought to modesty fled my mind as I sat down and eased between Gajeel's thickly muscled thighs. My backside settled intimately against his groin and I could feel his body tense up when I wiggled slightly to get more comfortable.

Levy could handle her booze-addled brain spewing racy innuendos, she could tolerate the occasional grope from behind, but she had crossed a line. She stared at the little box on her kitchen counter. It was rather ordinary in size, just as big as her palm.
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