Restaurants near 50th and france

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The 10 Best Restaurants In 50th And France, Minneapolis

restaurants near 50th and france

A selection of top-rated, delectable restaurants in the business district of 50th and France located in Minneapolis-Edina.

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Wollenzien said he expects to start remodeling the site within the next week and hopes to be open by May 1. He said the restaurant could be open around mid-April. The new location will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and will seat up to 98 patrons. He said the restaurant focuses on the local sourcing of products such as meats, dairies and vegetables. He said the restaurant will be going for a full liquor license. The plan is to have a small selection of local beers on tap, a full wine selection and craft cocktails. Wollenzien and Eells will be fully remodeling the Edina site, adding windows to the east-facing wall, repositioning the entrance and remodeling the exterior.

Jump to navigation. Excitement builds when a new restaurant arrives in town.
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We went for Easter brunch and were seated at our reservation time. This is a cute restaurant and nicely decorated. The wait staff was very friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. His recommendations were delicious!! Thank you for cooking and cleaning up. We really appreciate it.

A cozy good-old mom and pop Mexican restaurant that provides a hip night-life culture, Concina Del Barrio offers the seamless fusion of great food and a welcoming atmosphere. A big chandelier hangs right next to a plus library of various bottles of tequila, taking this homey restaurant to the next level of fun. From humble plates of classic enchiladas to potato sopes made from all-local ingredients, guests enjoy a menu packed with options. Sit back at the bar with an award-winning margarita or relax on the patio with friends, and see why the Barrio is a top restaurant stop in the area. Made from scratch and passion, the spread of affordable entrees at Edina Grill is impressive. The grill offers a unique collection of craft beers, cocktails, and wines, while also participating and hosting various events. Try food from a selection of wood-fired pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, antipasti and salads that will do well to bridge the gap between Minnesota and Italy.

We welcome new staff and their stellar sushi. Hana Bistro serves delicious Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Savor our sushi, sashimi, and maki handrolls or delight your senses in our Pad Thai or Pho noodle soup just to name a few menu items. Our Chinese dishes are crafted with combinations that will keep you coming back for more. Pick-up, delivery, or dine-in. Enjoy a glass of something delicious while you wait for your pick-up. Order online or call ahead for delivery -- life is busy and we'll power you up so you'll be ready.

Restaurants Near Red Cow 50th & France, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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