Do turkeys look up when it rains and drown

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Myth Mayhem: Do Turkeys Drown in the Rain?

do turkeys look up when it rains and drown

Are domesticated turkeys so stupid that they drown in the rain? Turkeys do not look up in order to “see” rain. Turkeys, like most birds, do not.

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Legend has it that turkeys are big ol' dopes with tiny pea sized-brains, who, when caught outside in a storm, will look up to the sky and drown because they lack the ability to look down and close their beaks. Fortunately for turkeys, this myth is not true. But how did they get the reputation for being such numbskulls? If anything, when it rains, they seek shelter. They can see two things at once, but they have no depth perception. One thing we do know: They sure are tasty. We love you for your flavor.

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One of my readers from the Iron Oak Farm blog recently e-mailed me with a question. She was wondering if chickens should be locked up during rain storms because she heard that they can drown simply by looking up into falling rain. The issue of rain and farming has been a prominent subject this summer. Storms come daily, fast and stay just long enough for everything to get soaked, muddy and gross. I thought, oh boy…somebody is playing one on a chicken newby…ha, ha!

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It was long thought that Benjamin Franklin actually proposed that our national bird should be the wild turkey. But in truth, all he was quoted as saying was that he found the turkey to be a "much more respectable bird" than the bald eagle. Some believe the best way to cook a turkey is to stuff it while it roasts. But this might prove to be more dangerous than delicious. If you are going to stuff your turkey, make sure you do so just before cooking, and use a food thermometer to make sure the turkey reaches a safe minimum internal temperature of degrees. Common belief is that a baby turkey will drown while looking up at a raining sky. Which also means they can fly!

The turkey is the subject of a myth that says that if a turkey looks up during a Although turkeys sometimes do tilt their heads up at the sky and remain there for several If a turkey were to tilt its head backwards to look at the rain, it would likely.
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Forgot Password? When it comes to the world's stupidest animals, turkeys are generally ranked near the top of the list. Of course, jellyfish and sea stars don't even have brains , but who's counting? How dumb are turkeys? They're so dumb, the story goes, that when it rains, they stare up in the sky in fascination until their mouths fill with water and they drown themselves. That classic legend is nothing more than a myth. In fact, turkeys aren't even all that stupid in the first place.

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