The beautiful and damned g eazy release date

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G-Eazy Reveals The Release Date Of ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ With A Cinematic Trailer

the beautiful and damned g eazy release date

G-Eazy "The Beautiful & Damned" (Official Trailer)


The album's cover art and release was released on November 8, The film was directed by Bobby Bruderle alongside G-Eazy, who co-wrote it and was released as an Apple Music exclusive. In an interview with Angie Martinez , he revealed the album's concept. In a more mixed review, Sheldon Pearce of Pitchfork Media gave the album a 5. The whole thing is unbelievably dour and boring. No, just 20 songs, a brutal slog of stacks and condoms and stacks and condoms and occasionally a disembodied ass without any other parts of a woman sighted. Credits adapted from Tidal.

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G-Eazy has teased his fans for long enough about the release of his new album and it is finally here! I am one of those fans that have almost died of anticipation while waiting for this album so there is no need to drag this on for you guys either! The first track of the album is self-titled and sets the bar for the rest of the tracklist to follow. It begins with a sinister sound and breaks into a classic creative G-Eazy beat to rap over. He tells his audience about the struggle between his angelic sober side of himself and the drunk and wild celebrity that he has become.

If you're wondering, the rapper has already confirmed that the project will feature twenty-songs, stating "The concept of it is kinda split in half. You can stream that by hitting the link below. Not only will December 15th mark the arrival of his latest musical effort, but G-Eazy will also be releasing an accompanying short film on the same day. You can check out the album's trailer here, and from the look of it, the film promises to be highly dramatic. It's unclear on exactly how "short" the film might be, but it seems like there's a narrative going on, which means it'll probably lean on the longer side. After you're through with the trailer, check out the album cover, which finds G-Eazy looking more damned than beautiful.

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Everything You Need To Know About G-Eazy's 'The Beautiful & Damned'

G-Eazy is a career hedonist flirting dangerously close to nihilism. As a wannabe greaser sampling doo-wop, he ascended quickly through the rap ranks, and now he doesn't quite know what to make of his newfound fame.


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