Jim and pam best moments

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20 Jim And Pam Moments To Make You Melt With Cuteness

jim and pam best moments

Jim and Pam: The Office Season 9 Episode 23

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Anyone who has ever watched "The Office" knows that Jim and Pam are the definition of relationship goals. These two pull at your heart strings more than anyone. While every moment they appear on screen is fabulous, some moments stick out above the rest. Here's a look back at some of the all time best moments of Jim and Pam's relationship. Pretty much the day I met her. And that you've never doubted for a second that I'm the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Jim and Pam The Office U. Their chemistry in the show is so good that the relationship has become real to the viewers. This article discusses the episodes that highlight this amazing relationship as it blossoms and grows into the epic love story of Jam. He decides not to give her the letter. He sheds a tear and walks away. He finds her later in the office, alone, and kisses her. She embraces the kiss.

In order to avoid some of the pain of the relationship though I think that's a major part of what makes Jam so beautiful , check out the list of cute moments and their corresponding episodes:. Dwight gets nervous about the downsizing rumors and asks Jim to form an alliance. Jim agrees in order to prank him, and he and Pam team up. In the end, it backfires for Jim when Roy comes in as they're laughing and holding hands and yells at Jim. Nevertheless, this prank in "The Alliance" perfectly showcases the playful nature of Jam's relationship. Jim had been looking forward to Pam's mother coming to visit for the entire episode. Unfortunately, his moment of meeting her at the front desk is ruined by the appearance of Roy, and Jim scampers back to his desk.

Jim and Pam sit on the roof eating grilled cheese sandwiches while watching Dwight and Kevin set off fireworks.
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To start with a cliche is anything but appropriate to the major themes in my favorite show, but bear with me: I remember it like it was yesterday. I sat in my basement, browsing my Netflix queue you know, as one does on a Friday evening in the midst of his junior year of high school. I scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled and was unable to come across anything of interest. Family, even. Sure, it showcased the every day operations of a workplace and the interactions of those who work within such, but more importantly and intriguingly to me, the brewing love and clear as day affection between one James Duncan Halpert and one Pamela Morgan Beesly.

The Best Jim And Pam Moments, Ranked In Order Of Cuteness

Accordingly, you'll find both types of moments reflected on this list, which chronologically details their long and bumpy road to wedding bliss. Jim and Pam's early courtship was never more entertaining than it was in the show's second season, and it all started in this hilarious Season 2 premiere. - Suggested by kcianciolo Suggested by inglishkn.

A Comprehensive Ranking of Jim & Pam Moments



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