I don t have car insurance and i hit someone

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What Happens If You Have a Car Accident & Have No Insurance?

i don t have car insurance and i hit someone

Car Insurance Explained, & What to Do After a Car Accident!

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This rule limits the amount of compensation that uninsured drivers can recover in a crash. This means that you cannot seek damages for things like pain, suffering, or loss of quality of life. Of course, you may also face legal penalties for driving without insurance, including a possible license suspension and a hefty fine. However, these consequences often pale in comparison to the civil liability and large bills that you could face. Even if the other driver has uninsured motorist insurance, they still have the right to file a lawsuit directly against you for damages, which means that your personal assets and property could be at risk.

Even though a minimum amount of liability car insurance is legally required in almost every state, there are still drivers behind the wheel without insurance. After pulling to the side of the road, you get out to assess your vehicle and talk with the driver who hit you. Call the police. Swap information. Gather details. Get the make and model of the vehicle involved, time and location of the accident, and the name and badge number of the responding officer. Write down any pertinent details you think could help you when working with your insurance company.

Driving without insurance is illegal in most states. You could also be sued by other people for damage and injuries you caused them.
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If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident , you can claim compensation for your personal injuries from the CTP Insurer of the driver that caused the accident. For more information see: Injured in a Car Accident - What are my rights. Please call us on , request a call back below or start a live chat with our experts now. Check if you can make a risk-free compensation claim and get free initial advice from our Principal lawyer, Greg Smith. Find out your legal rights if you have been injured in a car accident in Queensland. Plain English advice from our experts. The law requires that all drivers involved in a road accident exchange details.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Email this Page…. Join Date Apr Posts 2. I was on my way to school, driving our old, spare car, and we do not have car insurance. The driver in front of me, by car lengths decides to make a right hand turn at an intersection.

Tips for Handling an Accident With an Uninsured Driver

What happens if you have a car accident without insurance?

Nothing good comes out of most traffic accidents, but something bad certainly will if you don't have auto insurance. In most states, you were breaking the law the second you got behind the wheel. With a few exceptions, you need enough insurance coverage to meet your state's minimum requirements. Even if you are covered, you could still be fined for driving without proof of insurance. If you get in a car accident without car insurance, you're in for a world of hurt.



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