African boy names and meanings

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200 Unique African Boy Names

african boy names and meanings


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African names are used in various places on the continent of Africa. See also about African names. Filter Results. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list.

When a baby is born in Africa, large celebrations and festivities follow the birth. A baby naming ceremony is a common ritual to welcome the newborn into the community. The pronunciation of an African name is of utmost importance as even one misplaced syllable will greatly affect its meaning. An incorrect inflection can be considered an instant insult. Therefore, the following list of African baby names includes phonic spellings in parentheses. In African cultures, a baby's name is the most highly valuable possession as it can survive even death. It is believed that the name given to a child can influence both the child and the family.

476 African Baby Boy Names With Meanings

African Baby Names

Africans have this ideology that there is some kind of vital force in everything. African names go very much beyond the individuals to whom they are given. It is connected to many centuries of history that contributes to shaping and defining the true personality of the African people. It tells stories of communities, paints pictures of glory and greatness, and has the power to keep in memory victories of the past and promise prosperity for the future. They are usually passed from one generation to another in a bid to restore, maintain or create a sense of honour. Similarly, the Kalenjins in Kenya call the firstborn Yator first to open the way and the last born Towett last.

African male names are nothing like any other male name in the world. This is because Africans are a diverse people with cultures, customs, and traditions. Each tribe has a way of naming their male offspring that differs, fundamentally, with the other tribes. And this mode of operation has proven to be good for communities over time. Today, as traditions give way to modernization and civility - considering the African way of life was marked with sporadic violence as a way of claiming power and control - intermarriage between tribes is re-defining some fundamental African naming processes. However, a beautiful African name with a specific meaning still is a tag that Africans carry with them throughout their lives.


African Male Names List

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