Warriors come out and play

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warriors come out and play

Run Like Hell - Warriors Come Out To Play

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The line from The Warriors is like a secret code for lovers of the cult classic film -- while a lot of people haven't even seen the low-budget gang saga, those who have tend to be lifelong fans. The other street gangs, whose colorful gimmicks make them all the more menacing, are hunting the Warriors on the streets and in the subways of New York. The city is depicted as a lawless urban wasteland which didn't take a lot of effort in the late '70s , and the violence is life-or-death stuff. Source: imdb. Hollywood lore states that Kelly tossed out the very creepy line in a fit of pique while filming at Coney Island.

Grim taunts the monkey saying, "Dickie come out and play-aaay!" - parodying the most famous line of the villain Luther when he's taunting the Warriors.
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In movies like Dirty Harry or especially Death Wish , steely-eyed urban-vigilante types gunned them down with near-impunity. In The Warriors , virtually every character is in one gang or another. Even the police in the movie act more like a hostile gang than any recognizable force of law and order. If my New York geography is right, they might be in Bensonhurst, the same Brooklyn neighborhood where Saturday Night Fever had taken place a couple of years earlier. They get on the train giggling, maybe slightly drunk. They look up and see the Warriors, covered in subway grime and battle scars, all proudly staring hard at them.

40 Years Ago: ‘The Warriors’ Come Out to Play, and Real Life Violence Ensues

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