Robbie montgomery and tina turner

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robbie montgomery and tina turner

Before Sweetie Pie's Robbie Montgomery Performed with Ike & Tina Turner. Posted June 21, Bobby Pen, Online Editor • @BobbyPen.


Before Miss Robbie Montgomery opened her iconic St. When Oprah interviewed Tina on "Oprah's Next Chapter" earlier this summer, she opened up about how far she has come from her difficult past and became emotional when talking about her special friendship with Robbie. Robbie was like a sister when she was an Ikette. At times when I didn't have money, Robbie would always loan me money. I had to give it back, but I didn't have my own -- and Robbie knew that I would, but she didn't know how because Ike didn't give me any money. And when Robbie left, I missed her so much.

TINA Turner's 'sister' has revealed she begged the singer to leave husband Ike over his "brutal and heartbreaking" abuse. She suffered. It comes after Tina revealed her abusive ex-husband Ike forced her to go to a brothel on their wedding night. Once inside the venue, Tina was forced to watch a live sex show - and the memory was so disturbing she blocked it out. She added: "The experience was so disturbing that I suppressed it, scratched it out, and created a different scenario

And here is what Tina Turner wrote:. Robbie and I worked together and I am happy for her success. Not only has she released this cookbook, but she has a successful business in a chain of restaurants, serving the food we grew up on. This cookbook will show you how to make good down home soul food. Love Tina Turner.

Before Miss Robbie Montgomery opened her iconic St. Louis soul food restaurant Sweetie Pie’s, she was one of the famous Ikettes — the backup singers in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. “Robbie was a support for me in those dark days,“ Turner told Oprah. On an episode of “Welcome to.
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Her two sisters are Linda, and Janice. During this time she participated in school talent shows and also sang in the church choir. Montgomery began singing with a group called the Chordrettes. She also sang in the blues band with Earl Hooker. They were known as the Ikettes. Seven years later she quit the band to sing background for the Beatles.

Despite their origins, the Ikettes became successful artists in their own right. The group started as The Artettes , the backing group of Art Lassiter. The original trio of Ikettes later morphed into The Mirettes. As the Swinging Sixties progressed, the Ikettes became known for their sexy onstage appearance; minidresses , long hair and high-energy dance routines which mirrored their mentor Tina Turner. I also believe in the Ikette visual. I don't see it as cheap or vulgar. Nor do I see myself as that.

When her lung collapsed, she came home, put on a white coat, and learned to be a dialysis technician. You were only 6 when you moved to St. Louis—do you remember anything from your early years in Mississippi? Chickens running around in the backyard. We lived with my great-grandmother, who was American Indian.

Tina Turner Says Former Ikette Robbie Montgomery Helped Her Through Dark Days (VIDEO)

Tina Turner Chokes Up When Talking About Robbie - Welcome to Sweetie Pie's - Oprah Winfrey Network


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