Laurel and hardy way out west

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Way Out West review: 'joyful'

laurel and hardy way out west

Laurel & Hardy

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Way Out West is one of Laurel and Hardy's greatest feature-length films and is being shown in high definition in cinemas across the UK in autumn and across the world in Ollie, then 45 and weighing 20 stones, dances with a light grace in a moment of genuine joyfulness. Unlike other celebrated double acts, they genuinely like each other and it shows in this scene as much as in any of the films they made together. Way Out West came five years after their Oscar-winning The Music Box, a version of the myth of Sisyphus done as comedy in which they try to deliver a piano up a steep flight of steps. But short films were out of vogue by and they were turning to feature-length pictures.

Sign in. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on. Watch now. After the events in Them Thar Hills , Stan and Ollie encounter their old nemesis whose grocery shop is next to their home appliances store. Unable to let bygones be bygones, a war breaks out. Will those tit-for-tat battles ever end?

When Laurel and Hardy became an official team in , the Hal Roach Studio was one of Hollywood's top comedy factories, dedicated to turning out finely crafted short subjects at a leisurely pace. In an environment devoid of any caste system, grips and gaffers were treated with the same level of respect as star performers. Stan and Babe had reasonably happy personal lives, and their relationship with Roach was friendly and cooperative. The accountants and businessmen hired by the studio throughout the s had turned the former Lot of Fun into a place where efficiency and profits were emphasized over camaraderie and craftsmanship. There was little camaraderie to be had in later years, anyway, as the grips and gaffers were now journeymen workers hired on a per diem basis. Also by , Stan and Babe were beset by personal problems from wives and ex-wives, and their relationship with Roach was strictly business.

What did Stan and Ollie do to earn a month of their own? Click on the above image and find out! The area that Stan wanted to use to film this gag had no lake, so the Hal Roach Studios rented a steam shovel, dug out a river bed, and poured 25, gallons of water from a nearby lake into the man-made one. According to editor Bert Jordan, the gag was conceived after Stan saw a gag man having trouble lighting up his cigarette. Both co-stars seem to be trying very hard not to crack up on-camera. This movie marked the final film appearance of Sharon Lynne. Then the film was reversed, making it look as though a cyclone of dust had been kicked up by Stan and Ollie.

Way Out West

Laurel and Hardy: Way Out West

Way Out West is a Laurel and Hardy comedy film released in It was directed by James W. This was the second picture for which Stan Laurel was credited as producer — the first was 's Our Relations. Laurel served in that uncredited capacity for the duo's entire career. Stan and Oliver, after consorting with Seymore "Sy" Roberts, an old prospector, have been entrusted to deliver the deed to a gold mine the prospector discovered to the man's daughter, Mary Roberts, a poor girl living in Brushwood Gulch who is consistently victimized by her cruel guardians, saloon owner Mickey Finn, and his equally-cruel saloon-singer wife, Lola Marcel.

Stan and Oliver have been entrusted to deliver the deed of a gold mine to the deceased prospector 's daughter Mary Roberts Rosina Lawrence. Stan and Ollie are traveling toward Brushwood Gulch; Stan on foot leading a mule dragging a travois on which Ollie lies. As they ford a river the travois detaches from the mule, leaving Ollie stranded in the water. He starts to wade then completely disappears into a sink hole in the river bottom. They hitch a ride on a stagecoach and attempt to flirt with a woman passenger Vivien Oakland. Upon arriving in Brushwood Gulch, she complains to her husband Stanley Fields , who threatens the pair to leave on the next coach or they'll be leaving in a hearse.



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