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cnn com breaking news daily news and videos

CNN reporter responds to Trump: That's not true


UK minister refuses to rule out ignoring law preventing no-deal Brexit. This weekend's tariffs are not like the others. Celebrities and fans honor Princess Diana more than two decades after her death. Pope Francis rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in Vatican elevator. One person was killed, 8 others wounded in knife attack outside Lyon, France. Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament sparks Brexit protests. This chant brought down the Berlin Wall.

This weekend's tariffs are not like the others. US-China trade war shows no sign of ending as new tariffs arrive. France touted a 'compromise' with the US on tech tax, but it's far from settled. The maker of Vans and Timberland will stop buying leather from Brazil amid Amazon fires. Here's how to safeguard your Twitter account. Apple is making it easier to get your iPhone fixed at more places. United extends flight cancellations due to Max.

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Cases of lung disease possibly linked to vaping continue to rise. This teen was given a 'second chance'. City of Milwaukee urges everyone who lives there to stop vaping immediately. North Carolina sues 8 e-cigarette companies, alleging marketing to children. Latest Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died from an accidental drug overdose. Hundreds of detained migrants have had mumps, CDC reports. Ebola kills 9-year-old girl as outbreak records 3, cases.

Updated: Aug Morgan Funds Chief Global Strategist David Kelly joins Alison Kosik to make sense of the recent volatility and explain why immigration is key to continued growth. Most Popular Stocks Apple Key Stats year yield 1. Hong Kong Hang Seng Sector Performance.

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Child traffickers prey on world's largest refugee camp. - Latest News. Texas loosens firearm laws hours after the state's latest mass shooting left 7 dead.


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