Parks and rec bloopers season 3

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Parks and Rec Season 3 Gag Reel Asks: What Became Of Liíl Sebastianís Meat?

parks and rec bloopers season 3

Does anyone know where I can find the Parks and Rec Season 3 ://www.

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When the NBC comedy series first started, Parks and Recreation only seemed to be riding on the coattails of The Office with its mockumentary style and somewhat weak start in the first season. However, two season later the show has quickly found its footing, crafted some spectacular characters, fantastic comedy and a series that has actually surpassed the quality of the series it once seemed to simply copy. Aside from previous series regulars like Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman and Aziz Ansari consistently delivering some of the best comedic performances on television, the addition of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe as series regulars also bring some magic to Pawnee, Indiana. For a more in-depth analysis of the third season of Parks and Recreation , hit the jump. From the tumultuous relationship between Ron Swanson Offerman and his ex-wife Tammy 2 because his first marriage was to another devilish woman named Tammy , to the nerdy, cute romance between Leslie Knope Poehler and Ben Wyatt Scott , strange and immature marriage of April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza and Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt , bromance turned business partnership between Tom Haverford Ansari and Jean-Ralphio Ben Schwartz or the on-and-off romance between Ann Perkins Rashida Jones and Chris Traeger Lowe , all the relationship in this series bring the right amount of funny and charm to the series.

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Ben Travers. The show, like most creative things, can become bigger than you, and this show became owned by the people who watched it and kept it alive. After Oswalt asked a question about the relationship between Leslie and Ron, Poehler was ready with a multi-layered, clear response. When you start a show, you kind of have to broad stroke it a bit. Republicans are kind of like stern and tough and personal responsibility and war and stuff like that.

The creators of "Parks and Recreation" must know that diehard fans of the show can barely wait until the Season 4 premiere on Sept. And much like the blooper reel from Season 2 , it's an extended reminder of why the show about a municipal office in Indiana is such a joy to watch. Much of the success of "Parks and Rec" can be owed to the fact that the characters on the show essentially like each other, a rarity in an ensemble comedy, and it seems that the sentiment is borne out of the actors having fun on set. Season 4 appears to continue that theme, with a few new additions -- a promo for the season introduces Patricia Clarkson as Ron Swanson's first wife. But really, check out this gag reel.

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gag reel: parks and recreation

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Parks And Recreation Season 3 Gag Reel Is Amazing



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