Donald trump and putin meeting

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Trump Plans To Meet Putin At G20, But Kremlin Says Meeting Not Yet Confirmed

donald trump and putin meeting

Ahead of a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Japan, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said what he talks about.

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Ahead of a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Japan, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said what he talks about with the Russian president is "none of your business. That kind of dismissal has fueled concerns about their previous meetings, some of which are under investigation by Congress over reports that Trump destroyed translators' notes afterwards or met without any U. The reported destruction of notes is also the subject of lawsuits that allege the Trump administration has violated federal laws about records preservation. What I say to him is none of your business," Trump answered as he left the White House when a reporter asked him whether he would tell Putin not to meddle in U. The Kremlin said the two will meet for about an hour and talk about U. It's that last topic that soured the chance of a meeting last time. I look forward to a meaningful Summit again as soon as this situation is resolved!

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The RussiaUnited States summit was a summit meeting between United States President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16 .
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President Donald Trump appeared to jokingly tell Russian President Vladimir Putin "don't meddle in the election" when pressed by reporters on whether he would address election interference during his one-to-one meeting with the Russian leader at the G20 summit on Friday. Trump is in Osaka, Japan, for the two-day forum, and he plans to speak with several world leaders , including China's Xi Jinping and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on the sidelines. Trump's meeting with Putin on Friday marked the two leaders' first time speaking face-to-face since the special counsel's report into Russian interference in the US presidential election was completed in March and made public in April. The former special counsel Robert Mueller, in his only public statement, last month shared findings of his investigation. Sitting next to Putin before the leaders were to meet privately, Trump on Friday was pressed on whether he would tell Putin not to meddle in the election. Earlier, Trump strolled into the G20 summit alongside Putin before posing for a photo with the other world leaders. Trump had repeatedly dodged questions about whether he would speak with Putin about election meddling while at the G20 summit.

President Donald Trump on the sidelines of an international summit in Japan, the Kremlin said Wednesday, in talks that come amid bitter differences between Moscow and Washington. Trump has said he plans to meet with Putin during the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, and Putin has said he welcomes dialogue and is ready to sit down for talks. Ushakov said the meeting is set to last about an hour, though it will be up to the presidents to decide. He added that the talks are expected to touch on arms control issues and international crises, including the Iranian nuclear deal, Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. Putin has denied that Russia has meddled in the vote to help Trump win, even though U.

President Donald Trump says he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Group of 20 G20 summit in Japan later this month, although the Kremlin says it has not received confirmation from Washington of a potential meeting. The comments represent the latest confusion over a potential meeting between the two leaders. Trump last month said he would meet with the Russian leader at the G20, but the Kremlin at the time indicated there had been no agreement on a face-to-face meeting. Trump last met with Putin in a one-on-one setting in Helsinki in July , when they dismissed top aides for a two-hour session. The meeting without U. Responding to a question from a reporter, Trump said it was "probably easier if we have people in the room, because you people don't trust anything. The American side has not initiated the holding of a separate meeting," he said.

2018 RussiaUnited States summit

During a post-summit joint press conference with Putin, Trump did not accept Russian interference was part of the U. Trump's omissions provoked an uproar across the political spectrum, including from some of his usual allies.

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