Battle of heart and mind

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A Battle of Heart and Mind

battle of heart and mind

This episode was referred to in official Cartoon Network marketing material as " Battle of Heart and Mind". Although healed, some of the corrupted Gems still have.

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Steven finds himself having to face off against the greatest threat he has ever faced before. Will it be everything fans had hoped for or will it leave them high and dry? Every time there is a string of new Steven Universe episodes, they always end with a major development for the series. This latest special is no exception. The Battle of Heart and Mind is an exhilarating roller coaster which seems to give the fans all they want and more. The special is full of characters displaying new forms and different fusion combinations. The special also features Steven being pushed to his limits in an attempt to make White Diamond understand he is not mother Pink Diamond.

Blue diamond has control over emotion. By expanding her aura outward, she can forcefully illicit emotional reactions from other gems. Yellow has control over physical form. She can electrocute and poof gems immediately, destroying their projected physical existence. White has control over mind.

"Battle Of Heart And Mind" with Rebecca Sugar, Ian JQ, Kat Morris, Joe Johnston, Ben Levin and Matt Burnett. The epic Steven Universe season finale is being.
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In the tower, Steven has a dream of Pink Diamond, locked up there and visited by Blue, who chastises her for releasing organic creatures at a ball. Shortly after he wakes up, he and Connie get a visit from Blue, who won't let them out unless Steven apologizes for making a scene at the ball by fusing. Noting how similar her entrance was to his dream, Steven gets her to realize that she had made Pink cry so many times it had become routine, and it finally dawns on her just why Pink wanted to leave Homeworld so long ago in the first place. She agrees to help Steven and Connie, and smuggles them to Pink's chambers. Steven and Connie promptly pig out on the food they brought with them, and Steven changes back into his normal clothing. Blue takes Steven and Connie to Yellow's bubble room, where the Crystal Gems' gemstones have been placed, only to find Yellow herself waiting for them, who wants to know what Blue thinks she's doing.


I am a child. What's your excuse? Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

When have you ever decided to go against your values—against what you say you believe and know to be true?, The conclusion of the original storyline conceived by Sugar when developing Steven Universe , the episode serves as the culmination of the ongoing story arcs developed during the show's first five seasons, most notably the Crystal Gems' conflict with the Gem Homeworld and the healing of the monstrous corrupted Gems encountered throughout the series. It also features the debut of new designs for most of the main characters and several previously unseen fusions.


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