Race car wheel falls off and goes back on

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VIDEO: Wheel falls off race car and returns to its home

race car wheel falls off and goes back on

Tires Flying Off - Tires Going Their Own Way #TGTOW

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Kyle Busch loses tire after pit stop, loses position. Busch is forced to reverse into pit road after losing a left-rear tire on his truck at Atlanta Motor Speedway. All Videos. Momentum hitting at the right time for Austin Cindric. Austin Cindric went from being winless in the Xfinity Series to earning back-to-back victories and with the playoffs approaching, the momentum couldn't have come at a better time. Almriola makes heavy contact with wall in practice, going to

A client of mine was driving along the freeway in Michigan in his new car when the steering wheel fell off in his lap. The steering wheel fell off in his lap. He jammed the wheel back onto the column and managed to get over to the side of the road without dying or crashing and he called the dealer. They towed the car in and put the steering wheel back on properly. They told him that something had come apart "in there" and it was all good now. Most people who hear that story are horrified at the thought of it.

It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Why does a detached tire roll faster than the car? Why does the velocity increase? This is a topic of debate among some of the post-doc Physicists in my lab. I don't really understand their argument here, since there is a removal of active forces, and possibly a change in mass of the system from rotating tire-wheel-axel combination to just tire.

It has to be just right, or else it could become a competition disaster. Glue is the only thing that holds a lug nut, a part of the car that can be just as important as the fuel or drivable tires, on a wheel. Without glue to do that job, tire changers in NASCAR would have to place a wheel on the hub, put all five lug nuts onto the wheel studs, then screw them on with a pit gun. The wheel continues on and the glue actually stretches from the wheel to the back of the lug nut, and the glue will hold the lug nut in place long enough for me to come by with the air gun and then tighten the lug nuts. But keeping that kind of elasticity is a moving target. If the glue is too gooey when a tire goes onto the studs, the lug nuts will just pop off like extra glitter on a school project. The end result is the same: lug nuts on the ground instead of on the tire, and a ruined pit stop.

So what else is new? And it isn't every day that a senior NASCAR official publicly admits "it's time for us to take a look" at the issue involved. Although NASCAR didn't offer any specifics, it is believed that Stewart incurred the fine by criticizing the organization in a Wednesday interview when he questioned why they are no longer having officials watch for loose lug nuts during pit stops. NASCAR dropped the practice at the start of the season as part of a pit road technology initiative that reduced the number of live officials on pit road. Since lug nut enforcement was relaxed, some teams have made a practice of not installing all five on every wheel in trying to gain an advantage in the pits, especially late in races. Stewart believes that potentially creates an unnecessary hazard for drivers and fans and said as much. It's more so the drivers believe that they have the right to express their opinion, especially when asked in an interview.

My husband recently purchased a Ford Bronco 4x4 with , miles. He drove it about 2, miles when one day he noticed a strange noise coming from the back. He thought there may be something wrong with the breaks but they were still working so called the mechanic and made an appointment for the next morning. The noise got louder and sounded almost like he had a flat tire. He exited the highway and slowed to about 20 MPH. About feet later the back of the truck came crashing to the pavement as the driver-side rear tire shot off the car!

Even a Steering Wheel Falling Off Twice Doesn't Make a Car a Lemon

This page is for personal, non-commercial use. In the "Easily Amused" category for today is this video of an unfortunate racer who loses an all-important component -- a tire or tyre, if you're so inclined to use the British spelling.


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