Are ti and tiny still together

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15 Photos of T.I. and Tiny When They Were Happy Together

are ti and tiny still together

T.I. & Tiny Talk About Their Relationship - T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle


Things got extremely messy in the marriage of T. In a surprising twist that no one saw coming, T. She also pointed out that there are a lot of moments on the show for fans to learn from and she hopes audiences enjoy the dynamic between their family and their close relationships with their celebrity friends. Meanwhile, the divorce between T. Tiny initially filed in

Getty T. They have three children together, as well as four from previous relationships.
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After 15 years together, the Atlanta pair are currently in the middle of a rough breakup and may be headed for divorce. The pair met in , and were married in Throughout that time, Tip has always made it a point to bring his ride-or-die woman to most of his red carpet premieres and industry events. In addition, they both serve as parents to their kids from previous relationships: Messiah, Domani, Deyjah from T. In , T. They've always been open to sharing their family life with the public. In December of , Tiny filed for divorce from Tip and rumors that the rapper had cheated began to circulate.

As fans may be aware, T. Was that a good decision or does Tiny regret letting him back in? One insider report claims that since the husband and wife live under the same roof again now, Tiny is very happy and their love feels stronger than ever. Ever since his return, they have been happy, more in love than ever and things have been going great for the couple. Furthermore, the same insider went on to claim that at first, the Xscape singer was not too sure it was a good idea to let her rapper husband back into the home but now that she did, she is very glad she changed her mind. But it was really making things confusing for their children not having him around daily, and it was hard on Tiny, too.

TI and Tiny together again: Family Hustle un-canceled, now filming new season

T.I. & Tiny’s Divorce: Is the Couple Still Separating?

The drama between T. The video being posted up on social media is the issue. I hate it. I care about how you feel. I love you. The spat was seemingly prompted by a fan backstage at a T.



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  1. T.I. and Tiny have reportedly moved back in together, and things have never been better between the two of them. Sources close to Tiny told.

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