Nickelodeon stars then and now

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38 Nickelodeon Stars: Where Are They Now?

nickelodeon stars then and now

25 Side-By-Sides Of Nickelodeon Stars Then Vs. Now That Are Actually Shocking. They literally grew up right before our eyes! Posted on.

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Something must have been in the slime besides the two basic ingredients , because every Nickelodeon star Neville Longbottomed so hard. We couldn't include everyone from Nick's history seriously, so many hotties but we highlighted several baes. Several celebs have even collaborated together, much to fans' delight. Moreover, our faves have also found other outlets for their creativity, such as YouTube, podcasts, and books. When you're done taking our ultimate Nickelodeon trivia quiz , check out what your faves are up to now!

Now: Jake T. Austin, 22, voiced Fernando in the animated film, Rio and Rio 2 and in , appeared on the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars. Now: After recording several hit albums and Miley Cyrus, 24, attracted a lot of attention when she posed completely nude for "V" Magazine in Now: Kevin Jonas, 29, and his wife, Danielle starred in the E! Jonas also appeared on the seventh season of the Celebrity Apprentice. Now: After battling an eating disorder and overcoming drug and alcohol abuse, Demi Lovato, 24, has become a Grammy nominated singer.

You knew their faces, their characters and their catchphrases. He most recently appeared in the N. A breakout star from All That , Amanda Bynes was just 10 years old when she joined the sketch comedy's cast. All That was then put on hiatus until , for a second run with a new cast. Who could forget Clarissa's quirky style and beyond-her-years wisdom? The show was a huge success, spanning seven seasons. Every teenager had a crush on Sam Anders, a.

It's not easy to grow up, and that's doubly true for children in the limelight. Maybe that's why so many former child stars end up publicly distancing themselves from their former TV homes. There are plenty of Disney stars who turned on Disney , and these Nickelodeon stars who turned on Nickelodeon prove that the problem isn't limited to just one studio. Stories from former Nick stars imply that the network endorsed bullying, put actors through rigorous schedules at a young age, and supported really awful jokes. But a number of them have some choice words for their onetime employer.

Nickelodeon stars: Then and now

Click here - to use the wp menu builder Click here - to use the wp menu builder. Where Are They Now? Want More? Sign Up for Our Newsletter! Follow hollywood. Lori Beth is one of the most memorable characters from All That , yet she left fairly early on due to how she felt about her age 21, at the end of her stint.


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