Why isn t bob on the bob and tom show

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Radio's Bob Kevoian signs off; plans to be well-traveled retiree

why isn t bob on the bob and tom show

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Bob Kevoian says his wife, Becky, was the only other person who knew he planned to announce his retirement when being inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame on Nov. Kevoian said the breaks served as rehearsal, of sorts, for retirement that will arrive a few weeks after his 65th birthday on Dec. His final episode is Thursday, Dec. I don't feel good,' " he said. So the icon of Indianapolis radio announced his exit on his own terms, with an eye on lengthy road trips with his aluminum Airstream trailer. Popular bits that originated from the show's Indianapolis studio include Donnie Baker, Mr. Obvious and Kenny Tarmac.

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The program enjoys extensive popularity and has frequently received recognition by the National Association of Broadcasters as an exemplar in American radio. Central or tape-delayed on affiliated stations in other time zones. As of February 13, , the post-show segment airs only on select dates rather than daily. All Nighter airs 125 A. During the show, live or pre-recorded comic songs and skits are often played, including many from a huge library of archived pieces. There are frequent impromptu "calls" from numerous characters voiced primarily by Steve Salge, Ron Sexton, and Dean Metcalf. Several guests usually join the primary cast each day in the studio or via phone or satellite, including numerous comedians who tour nationally.

Kevoian started a masters program in , but gave it up when he started working as an intern for a local radio station in Los Angeles. Kevoian was awarded an honorary doctorate in Communications from Central Michigan University where he gave the commencement speech in After touring the U. Geils concert at Castle Farms in [nearby] Charlevoix and ordered a drink. At the end of the bar was another guy who worked in Country radio. Two days later, he was hired as my PD; it was pretty wild.


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'Bob & Tom' personality breaks news of his upcoming exit during Hall of Fame induction. "The Bob & Tom Show" will lose one-half of its founding duo in Bob Kevoian, left "I didn't get along with my dad. "It wasn't like after the first ratings period people said, 'Oh my God, these guys are geniuses.
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