April and jackson greys anatomy

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The 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14 Finale Title Hints At Something Between Jackson & April

april and jackson greys anatomy

April Kepner M.D., is a fictional character from the ABC 's hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy. . April and Jackson's baby is diagnosed during pregnancy with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2, and learn that the baby will not survive long after .

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It was not easy. It was pretty devastating. Why did Jackson and April have to end up signing divorce papers? And in that final scene, she asks, are you sure you want to do this? That kind of saves her in this moment. He does not know, but the end of this episode is not the end of anything.

Perhaps no show on television knows how to play with viewers' emotions as well as ABC's medical soap. Likely because fans have been watching for a decade-and-a-half at this point and are that much more invested in the characters than your average procedural. That's the type of question fans find themselves asking as the writers throw emotional curveball after curveball at the screen — yes, even when one of the two characters in question was literally written off the show six months ago.
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The upcoming fifteenth season of Grey's Anatomy has plenty of love stories to cover, but one of fans' favorite couples is officially a thing of the past. Although his character Jackson is still in a relationship with Maggie, Jesse Williams' quotes about Jackson and April on Grey's Anatomy will make you sob about the pair's shared history all over again. Initially becoming friends when Seattle Grace and Mercy West merged in Season 6, the insecure April and an ambitious Jackson were never obvious romantic partners. As their friendship deepened and April eventually lost her virginity to Jackson, she felt even more opposed to pursuing a relationship with him, but as life tends to roll in Seattle, professional circumstances kept bringing them back together. One marriage, two babies, and a divorce later, the two parted ways last season when April reunited with her old flame Matthew and left Grey Sloan Memorial to pursue work with the homeless. Japril was no Derek and Meredith or Arizona and Callie, but in the grand scheme of Grey's Anatomy relationships, Jackson and April's friendship almost always remained strong even throughout their romantic entanglements.

April Kepner M. The character was created by series producer Shonda Rhimes and is portrayed by actress Sarah Drew. The character's story concludes with the fourteenth season. Although initially focusing on neurosurgery during her residency due to her crush on Derek Shepherd , [4] Kepner finally settles on trauma surgery as a specialty. ABC noted her determination, thoroughness, and intelligence as her main traits, while her insecurity, over-eagerness and vulnerability were highlighted as her main weakness.

He is also a member of the board and the de facto board chairman. Harper Avery , one of the most famous surgeons in the country and the namesake of the prestigious Harper Avery Award. He grew up hearing about the nobility of being a surgeon at his grandfather's dinner table, which inspired him to become a surgeon. His family never pushed him academically, so he pushed himself; he didn't even tell his family that he had taken the MCAT until he aced it. Not much is known about Jackson's life before he became a surgeon, but it is known that although he looks up to his grandfather , he detests being compared to him.

Jackson Avery

It's clear that April Kepner has a rough road ahead of her for the last two episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season The teaser for the show's May 10 episode suggests that she suffers a tragic accident, causing her to become unresponsive and go into surgery. -



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  1. The news that two major characters would be leaving Grey's Anatomy after Season 14 blindsided fans, and many are still struggling to catch up.

  2. April's exit from Grey's Anatomy was a bittersweet pill to swallow, especially for those of us who believed she belonged with Jackson Jesse Williams.

  3. Jackson Avery is the Head of Plastic Surgery and attending ENT at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and was one of the staff members who joined from Mercy West Medical Center after the merger. Jackson was married to April Kepner with whom he has a daughter and a deceased son.

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