Rick and morty rick potion 9

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Rick Potion No. 9

rick and morty rick potion 9

"Rick Potion #9" is the sixth episode of Rick and Morty. It premiered on Adult Swim on January 27, , was written by Justin Roiland, and directed by Stephen.

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It is the sixth episode of the series overall. It premiered on January 27, It was written by Justin Roiland and directed by Stephen Sandoval. A potion designed to make Morty attractive to a certain girl goes viral and infects all of Earth , so Rick has to clean up the mess by creating another mess. Morty is very interested in Jessica , but lacks the opportunity to ever talk to her.

The basic premise behind Rick And Morty makes it sound like a kid's show, where a boy named Morty goes on colorful, universe-spanning adventures with his genius grandfather Rick. The series is anything but kid friendly, however, with Rick being an alcoholic narcissist who constantly puts himself, his grandson and family in danger, in addition to inflicting severe emotional trauma on them. The show mixes some genuinely interesting sci-fi concepts with black comedy and gory action. What grounds Rick And Morty are the great characters, including the title duo and the rest of the family, including strained husband and wife Jerry and Beth, and older sister Summer. The stories often get outlandish and crazy, but there's something recognizably human and flawed about the family that makes them strangely likable.

Things start out normal enough. Morty is, as usual, in love with his beautiful classmate, Jessica and the annual Flu Season Dance which is about flu awareness, not about having the actual flu is coming up. Unsurprisingly if you know the title of the episode , Morty has the brilliant idea to ask Rick for a love potion to make Jessica fall in love with him. After some nagging, Rick rewards Morty with a chemical extracted from a vole, a rodent that mates with one partner for life. Jessica will be in love with him forever and nothing can go wrongÖ unless she happens to have the flu. It escalates from there. As the situation gets progressively more horrifying, Rick and Morty are forced to accept their roles in it: Morty for being a selfish creep talking Rick into making the love potion in the first place and Rick for being the callous asshole he typically is, so certain of his own success that he inadvertently decimates humanity.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. For his latest role in Don't Let Go David Oyelowo goes to a dark place and embraces fear in the latest Blumhouse film. Watch now. Title: Rick Potion 9 27 Jan After Rick gives Morty a love potion for prom, things quickly spiral out of control when the serum splices with the flu - causing it to spread. Rick and Morty scramble to cure the crisis, making matters worse in the process.

When Jerry Gets a Story Circle on 'Rick and Morty', It Destroys the Universe

Rick Potion #9

In the episode, a love potion goes wrong, creating a virus that begins to infect the entire world population, making everyone fall in love with Morty. The episode received critical acclaim, receiving praise for its story, subplot, and ending, and was seen by about 1. Morty has a nervous crush on a girl at school named Jessica. On the night of the Flu Season Dance at his school, Harry Herpson High, his desire leads him to ask Rick for a love serum to make his interest in Jessica requited, and Rick acquiesces, giving him a serum derived from voles. Upon Morty giving Jessica who, unbeknownst to Morty, has the flu the serum, it latches onto the flu virus and goes airborne, spreading through the entire planet in a matter of minutes and causing every person not directly related to Morty to fall in love with him. In an attempt to counteract the DNA used in the original serum, Rick makes an antidote from mantis DNA , but the serum fails, instead causing the world's population to mutate into monstrous mantis-people, all of whom want to eat Morty after mating with him. As these events transpire, Jerry, feeling insecure about his relationship with Beth, follows her to work after she is called in for a late shift.

Rick and Morty S01E06 - Rick Potion #9

Love potions are gross. For decadesócenturies, evenópeople have told stories about magical concoctions that will win the hearts of the woman or man of their dreams, and the patina of fantasy or an inability to grasp the finer points of individual rights always makes it sound sort of romantic and sappy, even if the effort is doomed to fail. Infatuation makes it harder to see where certain lines are, and the idea that there might be some simple solution that would circumvent all the terrifying, tedious steps of flirtation, conversation, risk, and the ever-present fear of rejection, is mighty tempting. But still: love potions are gross. Even the love potion is initially sort of a shrug. The fact that it works too well, turning Jessica into a crazed, Morty-obsessed lunatic, is expected, and the way her flu allows her to infect others with the craze, leading almost immediately to an entire school full of Morty-lusting lunatics, is fun, but not as clever as the show has proven itself in the past. Thankfully things get weirder as they go, with Rick trying various solutions that only make things much, much worse.

Up to this point, Jerry has proven himself to be nothing more than an insecure, pitiful coward who never stands up for anything or anybody, especially himself. However, upon encountering his first real albeit wrong suspicion that his wife, Beth, is cheating on him, he chooses to do something about it. In every episode so far, Jerry misses two very important steps of the story circle: enter an unfamiliar situation and adapt to it. Typically, these beats are skipped to present a cautionary tale where the protagonist goes straight from wanting something to getting what they want , without having to work for it. This time, though, Jerry strolls through both steps swinging. Unbeknownst to our newly masculated Jerry, this horror town is all thanks to our pals Rick and Morty, who, instead of fixing it, abandon the world and the rest of their family completely after finding a better dimension where the apocalypse was averted. So, after all that, what does it cost for Jerry to finally complete a story?


"Rick Potion#9" is the sixth episode of the first season of Rick and Morty. It is the sixth episode of the series overall. It premiered on January 27,
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