Difference between high lift and low lift mower blades

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Choosing the right mower blades

difference between high lift and low lift mower blades

What's the BEST Lawn Mower Blade for your Lawn Service - Side Hustle

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High lift and low lift mower blades use different degrees of curve on the ends of the blades to create different levels of suction beneath the mower. Low lift mower blades perform best on dry, shorter grasses, while high lift blades work best with grass collection systems, such as baggers. Low lift mower blades have slightly curved ends that keep air flow to a minimum. The lack of suction allows cut grass to exit the mower while keeping dust and debris levels down. John Deere notes that low lift mower blades cause less engine strain than high lift blades. High lift blades have deeper curves on the ends, which create enough suction to circulate and send grass clippings into a bagger. The higher air flow also helps prevent clogging when mowing tall or wet grass.

Mower blades are made to satisfy three functions: discharging, mulching, or bagging. Some serve only one function, while others can do it all. Discharging blades are made for moving the grass clippings out from under the deck. You should not use Lifting blades for mulching. Mulching blades seem to make grass clippings disappear. Where discharging blades are trying to get rid of the clippings, mulching blades are recirculating the clippings, allowing them to be cut several times.

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Lifting blades, also known as the standard or 2-in-1 type of mower blades, are designed with a slight curve along the edges. This curve creates the lifting air flow, which pulls the grass up to be cut by the blade. Lifting blades are ideal for bagging or side discharging purposes to quickly and efficiently move the grass clippings out from the deck. Do not use a lifting blade with a mulching kit. Use a high lift blade when mowing through taller dense grass. Mulching blades, also known as 3-in-1 blades, are designed with a greater curved surface, and often have several or longer cutting surfaces along the edges.

Although a mower is restricted to using blades that correspond to a matching configuration of holes and measurements, most mowers will still have several blade type options available that are compatible. Also known as the standard or straight mower blade. This is the most commonly used blade on most lawn mowers that rotates horizontally. The blade features edges that are slightly curved up to generate a continuous air flow as the blade rotates, thus creating a sucking and cutting action. Low lift blades are primarily made for side discharge mowing and are recommended for mowing terrain with sandy soil. With low suction power, the design includes a less-drastic swoop than high lift blades, encouraging the cut grass to stay low where it is more available to be ejected out the side of the mower.

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Tell me about mower blades. Low lift, high lift, gators etc

Major Types of Lawn Mower Blades

When buying replacement lawn mower blades, it is important to make sure the new blade has the same measurements as the old blade: length, width, center hole, etc. But one of the most commonly overlooked blade attributes is lift. Lift refers to the blades ability to pull grass clipping up into the deck and expel them for side discharge or bagging. This lift or suction is also used to keep grass clippings circulating under the deck for mulching. Blades with a higher lift require more power.

Lawn mower blades are an important factor in the health and aesthetic of your lawn. If not replaced seasonally, mower blades can deliver a dull cut and leave grass weakened and prone to disease. Before it's time to replace mower blades though, you should first determine the type you need for your specific mower. There are several blade types available - each providing different compatibility and benefits. High-lift blades cut grass cleanly before discharging the clippings onto the lawn or into a grass collection system, such as a bagger. High-lift blades are often referred to as 2-in-1 blades because they can be used to both discharge or bag clippings.


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