Lucky lou and coco too

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Rescued Bird Loses Her Best Friend But Finds The Sweetest Way To Say Goodbye

lucky lou and coco too

Lucky Lou and Coco Too - - Rated based on 79 Reviews "I have been following Lucky Lou and Coco too for many years I am in love with sweet Coco and.

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Lucky Lou and Coco are two cockatoos with very difficult pasts. Sadly, the refuge came into difficulty and quickly became overcrowded, meaning that many birds were neglected. The owner then, unfortunately, passed away, so all of the animals had to be rehomed again. When she saw them huddling together, afraid of what was to come, she knew she had to adopt them both. They quickly got used to their new home and spent almost all of their time together.

Please select US dollars from drop down menu. Then I ship to you. All Aboard!!!! August 23 - September 3 All funds raised go to the current bill at the Vet Clinic for the rescue of the Farm Birds in the spring. A total of 11 parrots were rescued, 4 left looking for homes. Do you have something nice to donate? Contact me at danitas5parrots gmail.

When the owner of an overcrowded parrot refuge passed away, birds were left homeless once again. Luckily, a veterinarian and a parrot advocate came together to save as many birds as possible. Danita Morrison runs the online shop Things for Wings as well as the parrot owner help forum, Avian Avenue. She knows far too well that exotic birds are challenging to keep. They are messy, loud, and need lots of entertainment.

Sharing out small comforts, one bird at a time,. Gathering them under her wings…. Because all birds are beautiful,. Each one precious, each special,. They all deserve to be loved. Like Lucky Lou. Lucky Lou was a parrot with a gentle spirit and a compassionate soul.


Lucky Lou's Legacy

Real Life Sunday with the Lucky Lou Coco Too Flock


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