And they were roommates vine

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We went in deep on some of the greatest Vines to try work out why they're so funny

and they were roommates vine

Vines that keep me alive

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Website: And they were roommates. Me: Oh my God, they were roommates. Have some pictures of them when they were Gophers. So cute! So happy! Haula down on one knee! Video transcription since I have no idea how to embed things:.

On January 17, , Twitter officially shut down Vine, the popular social media networking app that had brought hours of endless, hilarious.
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Vine was everything that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of the internet. At their very core, most Vines are inoffensively dumb. It's just some idiot with a camera, cramming as much stupidity into six seconds as they possibly can. The result is unbridled magic. Unfortunately, Vine is no longer with us, so many of our dreams of becoming Vine superstars have been shattered. Not to worry, at least we can look back on the wonderful content that was created for us all to enjoy, then analyse it to the point of potentially ruining them all forever more. Here's something new from JOE

Why ‘And They Were Roommates’ Was the Best Vine Ever

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