Period colors and meanings

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What does the color of period blood mean?

period   colors and meanings

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For most women, menstruation begins between ages 12 and According to the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , your period may be used as a vital health sign. Anything from the length of your cycle to the textures and colors you see may indicate something important about your health. You may see colors of blood ranging from black to bright red, brown to orange. This color is related to brown blood , which is old blood. It may resemble coffee grounds. Brown discharge of all shades is typically a sign of old blood.

When that time of month rolls around, the sudden appearance of red splotches in your underwear is totally normal if a little inconvenient. But if you're noticing a different hue than usual, things could be worth a second look. As it turns out, your period blood doubles as a barometer for gauging how healthy you are overall. Who knew? The good news is that you can often treat whatever Crayola color your period is by making a few minor dietary changes. Here, a period blood color guide that breaks down every shade of the rainbow.

For most women, menstruation consists of 23 days of heavy blood flow followed by another 24 days of lighter flow. The menstrual flow from the vagina is a mixture of blood and tissue from the inner lining of the uterus. Women vary considerably in the volume of blood that is lost each month ; it can be as little as 4 tablespoons or as much as 12 tablespoons. On average, a woman loses about 3050 ml of blood per period though losing up to 80 ml is still considered normal. There are a variety of factors that affect the color of menstrual blood, including hormonal activity, the age of the blood, and infection. It pays to be aware of the different ways that period blood can present and what this may indicate about your health. At the start of your period , you can expect the blood to be bright red.

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Menstruation can range from classic crimson red to brown, black or blue blue?! I know. Read on to find out more about the different colors of your period and what they mean and feel free to browse our range of menstruation panties if you'd like a little extra protection from menstrual leaks, odor, and moisture. As you may know, period blood is different than the kind of blood that would come from a scraped knee or a papercut. When your period blood is this color, it means this is the freshest blood your uterus is shedding. You will usually see this color during the middle of your cycle.

The Color of your Period Blood Matters

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Period Blood Color Guide: What Colored Blood Means For Your Health

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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. Dark red, brown or black period blood is simply blood that has reacted with oxygen. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have grayish or pink watery discharge, as this can be a sign of an infection or something more serious like cancer. You may notice the color of your period blood varies.

But it is such an important topic because the colour of your blood can give you important health insights about your body. BUT the colour of your period blood, when you experience bleeding, and the amount blood lost during your period are all really helpful signs in order to better understand your body and health., While for many this topic lies pretty firmly in the too-much-information category, many women wonder about changes in period blood colors and texture.

Period Blood Colors: A Complete Overview


The color of a person's period blood can relay vital health information. During menstruation, the body sheds tissue and blood from the uterus through the vagina. This bloody discharge can vary from bright red to dark brown or black depending on how old it is. It is important for.
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