Helen mirren and donald sutherland

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The Leisure Seeker review – two great actors in dead-end roles

helen mirren and donald sutherland

THE LEISURE SEEKER Official Trailer (2017) Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland Drama Movie HD

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The picture would be close to unbearable without the presence of Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren. We wave goodbye to integrity and, in exchange, get reassuring lies about seniors swearing merrily on mobility scooters. Does The Golden Girls mean nothing to you? There is some of that stuff here. You, at least, get attractive monochrome footage of Nordic lakes in similarly pitched Ingmar Bergman films. We begin with John Spencer Sutherland , a retired Massachusetts English teacher, and Ella Spencer , Mirren , his militantly southern wife, hopping into their recreational vehicle — nicknamed The Leisure Seeker — and making for distant Florida. Ella is a great fan of John and is prepared to endure his endlessly drippy commentary on mid-century literature if it ends with him achieving his dream.

In New York, they were subjected to a different sort of road trip: the morning-show blitz. It began at 7 a. Regis in separate cars. Sutherland, eighty-two, wore a purple scarf over a suit. Mirren, seventy-two, was in her first outfit of the day: a plaid kilt and a black sweater bejewelled with safety pins. The actors were brought onto a set furnished with Adirondack chairs and a fake campfire and answered questions from Hoda Kotb. Sutherland had a pounding headache and looked pale.

Helen Mirren had enough with the kind of scripts that her agent kept sending her way. That is, as she got older. Donald is Donald Sutherland , 82, her co-star in the new film The Leisure Seeker March 9 , which features the two actors as a long-married couple with two grown children. He says years of scenes requiring his characters to die and fall down have taken their toll on his body. So I land on my shoulders. I now no longer have any shoulders, basically. Sutherland is commanding, settled into a sturdy armchair as his Jack Russell, Porque, sniffs about the room.

Helen Mirren has been married twice to Donald Sutherland on the big screen. Mirren says the road-trip genre has long skewed young. They love to travel! They love to pack up and move. Sutherland, never nominated, received an honourary Oscar this year. Which can be rather intimidating.

Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland Discuss Reuniting After 27 Years for 'The Leisure Seeker'

Donald Clarke. The picture would be close to unbearable without the presence of Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren. Film Title: The Leisure.
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  1. Road Trip with Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren. In “The Leisure Seeker,” they play a couple on a Winnebago odyssey. In New York, they.

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