The good the bad and the ugly part 3

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966) part 3

the good the bad and the ugly part 3


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It catapulted Clint Eastwood to super-stardom, changed the way countless directors thought about the genre, and continues to influence film to this day. So, in celebration of the film's 50th anniversary, here are a dozen facts about the legendary tale of gunslingers on the hunt for treasure. Hoping to capitalize on the buzz and secure a lucrative American distribution deal, director Sergio Leone and writer Luciano Vincenzoni brought Arthur Krim and Arnold Picker—two United Artists executives—to Rome, where they were treated to a screening of the second film at a massive cinema where For a Few Dollars More was playing to enthusiastic crowds. Based on that short pitch, Picker agreed to fund the film, and the movie was on its way. Eventually, all three films were released in America over the course of a single year. As a cherry on top, he was also promised a new Ferrari. Of course, he ultimately accepted the job.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Title: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The early life and career of Vito Corleone in s New York City is portrayed, while his son, Michael, expands and tightens his grip on the family crime syndicate. A jury holdout attempts to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence. The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.

Director of photography Tonino Delli Colli was responsible for the film's sweeping widescreen cinematography , and Ennio Morricone composed the film's score including its main theme. The film is known for Leone's use of long shots and close-up cinematography, as well as his distinctive use of violence , tension , and stylistic gunfights. The plot revolves around three gunslingers competing to find fortune in a buried cache of Confederate gold amid the violent chaos of the American Civil War specifically the New Mexico Campaign in , while participating in many battles and duels along the way. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is now seen as one of the greatest and most influential Western movies. Tuco shoots the three bounty hunters and escapes on horseback.

Half a century later, Ennio Morricone 's theme from " The Good, the Bad and the Ugly " remains one of the most instantly recognizable and unforgettable pieces of movie music ever. Even if you haven't seen Sergio Leone 's epic Western, you know the tune, and you've probably heard it in other movies and TV shows as some gunslinger sauntered into a dust-blown vista, ready for a shootout. But none of those gunslingers was as badass as Clint Eastwood , who cemented his icon status for all time when this film opened 50 years ago this week, on January 18,
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They were distributed by United Artists. The series has become known for establishing the Spaghetti Western genre, and inspiring the creation of many more Spaghetti Western films. The three films are consistently listed among the best rated Western films in history. Although it was not Leone's intention, the three movies came to be considered a trilogy following the exploits of the same so-called " Man with No Name " portrayed by Clint Eastwood , wearing the same clothes and acting with the same mannerisms. The "Man with No Name" concept was invented by the American distributor United Artists , looking for a strong angle to sell the movies as a trilogy. Eastwood's character does indeed have a name albeit a nickname and a different one in each film: "Joe", "Manco" and "Blondie", respectively. A Fistful of Dollars is an unofficial remake of Akira Kurosawa 's film Yojimbo starring Toshiro Mifune , which resulted in a successful lawsuit by Toho.

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The Dollars Trilogy (Italian: Trilogia del dollaro), also known as the Man with No Name Trilogy or the Blood Money Trilogy, is an Italian film series consisting of three Spaghetti Western films directed by Sergio Leone. A Fistful of Dollars ( ), For a Few Dollars More () and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ( ).
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