Who were the parents of mary martha and lazarus

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Martha and Mary: two sisters

who were the parents of mary martha and lazarus

What is the background of Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus? that Jesus was the Christ (or Messiah) and the Son of God unless God the Father had .

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Together with her siblings Lazarus and Martha , she is described by John as living in the village of Bethany near Jerusalem ; in Luke only the two sisters, living in an unnamed village, are mentioned. Most Christian commentators have been ready to assume that the two sets of sisters named as Mary and Martha are the same, though this is not conclusively stated in the Gospels, and the proliferation of New Testament "Marys" is notorious. This influenced the Roman Rite liturgy of the feast of Mary Magdalene, with a Gospel reading about the sinful woman and a collect referring to Mary of Bethany. Since the revision of that liturgy, Mary Magdalene's feast day continues to be on 22 July, but Mary of Bethany is celebrated, together with her brother Lazarus, on 29 July, the memorial of their sister Martha. In the Gospel of Luke , Jesus visits the home of two sisters named Mary and Martha, living in an unnamed village.

A conventional representation in Rennes-le-Chateau church. In various parts of the New Testament are mentions of a "beloved disciple" and I am sure this is the brother of Mary Magdalene, Lazarus. Mary and Martha lived with their brother Lazarus at the house of their father, Simon the Pharisee, in Bethany, less than two miles from Jerusalem, a walled town much smaller than it is today. Described in the Bible is an incident "at the house of Simon the Pharisee" in which Mary Magdalene either washed Jesus's feet with her hair or else anointed him with oil. If you compare the slightly different accounts in all four gospels, it seems that there were two incidents, one at the beginning to Jesus's ministry and another not long before he was crucified. By the last account, in St. John's Gospel, 12,1, the house has become the "house of Lazarus", which implies that their father Simon had died.

Mary, Martha, and their brother, Lazarus, lived together in Bethany, a small town in Judaea, near Jerusalem. They were faithful followers of Jesus, and Jesus loved them very much. One day while Jesus was visiting them, Martha was busy cleaning the house and preparing food. She wanted to be sure that Jesus was well cared for. The harder Martha worked, the more upset she became with Mary.

The Lord Jesus had such a family where He could retreat from the pressures of His extraordinary ministry the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. He trusted them and enjoyed their hospitality and friendship. They lived in Bethany, less than two miles from Jerusalem. Their parents are not mentioned, so we presume they were no longer living, and that these three were older and not married. Luke 10 gives us a glimpse of life in that home, with Jesus as the guest. Martha had invited the Lord to visit and was making preparations for a meal.


Mary sits and listens to him as he talks, but Martha objects to the fact that she is left with all the work. In desperation Martha and Mary send for Jesus. When Jesus arrives, both sisters reproach him for not coming sooner.


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