Eyes ears nose and paws

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Eyes Ears Nose and Paws program trains dogs to assist handicapped

eyes ears nose and paws

EENP harnesses the unique strengths of human-canine partnerships. We teach inmates to train assistance dogs that we then partner with people who have.

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We are accredited members of Assistance Dogs International , a worldwide coalition of nonprofit programs that train and place Assistance Dogs. This is a triple win: our dogs get full-time attention, training, and love; the inmate-trainers develop interpersonal, leadership, and job skills while giving back to the community despite their incarceration; and our clients receive life-changing support for their disabilities in the form of a highly-trained canine partner. We do this because we believe that sharing ideas, techniques, and research will encourage innovation, growth and high standards in the Assistance Dog industry. We seek to increase the supply and specialties of highly-trained Assistance Dogs available to meet the challenges encountered by individuals and our society as a whole. By making our techniques and knowledge non-proprietary, broadly available, and free to use, and facilitating the sharing of knowledge within communities solving the same problems, we empower other organizations and individuals to expand on our success, with far greater impact than our organization could achieve alone. We value the dignity of people, the welfare of our canine partners, and the importance of both environmental and economic sustainability. We value a high standard in our work, and we believe in the importance of living up to the image we project to the world.

Carla Shuford of Chapel Hill watched as a 7-month-old Golden Retriever used her sense of smell to detect a high blood sugar saliva sample, signal a handler, fetch an aid kit and dial a single-button phone. The retriever named Stella is a service and diabetic assistance dog in training as a part of the Carrboro-based organization Eyes Ears Nose and Paws. As program director of the group, Deb Cunningham trains the service dogs and is now working to become the first East-Coast trainer to teach dogs to detect high levels of blood sugar. Seeking more volunteers to accomplish this goal, the organization held an open house and live demonstration Saturday afternoon. While the group could use kenneling, Cunningham and Ikenberry are looking for more foster parents because living with people helps the dogs socialize.

We've organized some of our most common volunteer opportunities into.
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More than a little proud of this pair and their amazing story. Best wishes for a great school year! These two are going to school all by theirselves. No mom. No Assistant.

What I didn't know is just how meaningful the experience would be. I honestly feel so fortunate just to have been along for the ride and to have helped raise this dog who will truly change someone's life! If you want to help with any of these positions, you can join our volunteer database and sign up for shifts online. Shifts that require training may not be visible until you have completed training. Every pup in training with Eyes Ears Nose and Paws starts out in a Young Puppy Trainer home until they are placed in advanced training in our prison training partnership.

Eyes Ears Nose and Paws

Welcome to EENP's volunteer site! Your help changes lives -- whether the lives of our inmate-trainers as they learn to shape our pups into highly-skilled assistance dogs, or the lives of our clients, who have the support of canine partners to assist them in their daily lives. -






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