Top deck cards and games

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top deck cards and games

Top Deck Cards and Games - Curry Hollow Road, Pleasant Hill, Pennsylvania - Rated based on 88 Reviews "Super friendly staff, and the owner.

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Top definition. In Trading Card Games, the act of drawing a particular usually game-winning or at least loss-avoiding card through pure chance. He had me down to two life, but I topdecked a Platinum Angel he couldn't get rid of for the win. Verb: "to top deck". To "top deck" is to defocate into the cistern of a toilet. The cistern is the water-filled tank often found above the toilet seat, near the flushing handle. Once the cistern has been defiled with faeces, the toilet will begin to flush "shitty" water of a brown, slimy appearance.

Top deck is a card-game slang term that typically refers to the card that has just been drawn from the top of the deck. The term can also be used as a verb; a player with zero cards in their hand is considered to be top-decking , and hoping to draw a card that will help their situation rather than using cards already in their hand. A player that is top-decking is generally at a large disadvantage, especially if they aren't in a favorable board position. Certain cards such as Sprint , Lay on Hands , Ancient of Lore , and especially Deathwing are considered good general top-deck plays, though the best top-deck is typically a very situational card. For example, a mage with no minions that top-decked a Flamestrike against a full board of low-Health minions would be extremely lucky.

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The Wild Open is underway! While this is no easy accomplishment on any ladder, the Wild Ladder has traditionally been the easier means of getting a Legendary card back for players with an extensive enough collection to duel in the format. The fewer competitive opportunities in Wild does not provide the format the same established level of refinement and drive that we experience in Standard, where pro players and ladder gurus are constantly grinding for the latest and greatest micro-adjustments to the most powerful decks for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. Even Shaman. With 1-mana Totems maximizing your mana-efficiency with board presence, Even Shaman is currently one of the best decks to climb the Wild Ladder with. It serves a unique function as one of the few anti-control decks to find mostly favorable matchups against aggro. Odd Rogue.

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Top Deck Cards and Games Argent Saga Regional!

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Top Deck Cards and Games - Curry Hollow Road, Pleasant Hill.
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