Parks and recreation aubrey plaza

Aubrey Plaza

parks and recreation aubrey plaza

April Roberta Ludgate-Dwyer (portrayed by Aubrey Plaza) is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. She is first seen as an apathetic.

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True story. But the comic in her can't resist using the moment to get a laugh as she quickly adds with her patented deadpan delivery: "You know, this bar is known for just giving you bananas, watch out. It's good to see that the dry wit that made Plaza famous playing apathetic April Ludgate on NBC's Parks and Recreation will not disappear when the shows ends in a few months the seventh season kicks off tonight. Though she's finding her footing in movies with roles in indies Safety Not Guaranteed , The To Do List, and Life After Beth that prove she can do more than play pissy, the dagger stare and sarcastic tone will certainly still be part of her arsenal I mean, in Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, who else could have been the voice of that irritable feline? COM: What are you going to miss about April?

Since , Parks and Recreation has taught us that there are many different first names you can call a very clumsy co-worker, even more ways to tell your best friend she is beautiful, and that sometimes you should take a day off and treat yourself.
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This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. At the beginning of the series, she is an apathetic college student with a rather dark sense of humor and is Ron Swanson 's assistant. Her alter egos are Janet Snakehole and Judy Hitler. She is portrayed by Aubrey Plaza.

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But I think moving forward, it's very important to me for people to not associate me so heavily with the characters that I play. And while she calls it a "challenge" to get Hollywood and her fans to see her apart from that role, for which she became beloved, she's still proud of what she accomplished. But I think in regards to getting more work and being seen in different ways, it's always a challenge to remind people that I can play many different characters and not just one kind.

Aubrey Plaza Says Goodbye to April Ludgate, the Sarcastic Role of a Lifetime

She later becomes the Deputy Director of Animal Control. April, along with Plaza's performance, garnered universal acclaim and has gained popularity for her goth-like behavior and deadpan -style comedy. April Ludgate is a college student who starts out working as an intern in the Pawnee parks and recreation department. April is extremely uninterested in the job, regularly napping at her desk and texting constantly, and acts very dry and sarcastic around her co-workers. She was assigned the internship because she overslept on intern sign-up date, which she blamed on her sister Natalie for not waking her up. April was responsible for uploading the staff bios onto the Pawnee parks and recreation site, [6] and she jokingly made a fictional bio for herself that reads as follows:.



She is employed by the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation originally Aubrey Plaza herself came up with the idea of her character's boyfriend being.
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