How to lace and true a dirt bike wheel

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How to Build a Motorcycle Wheel

how to lace and true a dirt bike wheel

Basics of Lacing Spokes of a Motocross Dirtbike Rear Wheel Yamaha YZ model here

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Truing the rim is actually not too difficult. Once you understand the interaction between the spokes and rim, you will make quick work of the job. To get started a truing stand of sorts needs to be set up. The reason I went to the trouble of clamping the hub in place was to eliminate any possibility of the hub sliding back and forth on the rim, which would make my truing efforts difficult. This is by no means the only way to create temporary truing stand and you can use your imagination to come up with alternatives. Next, some sort of gauge will be needed so the amount of runout can be seen.

Changing a rim is a task many are afraid of. But with a few tips and tricks anyone could do it. Plan ahead and use some lube on the spoke nipples. Especially on aluminum nipples as they tend to corrode. Squirt a little bit on both sides of the nipples and let it sit overnight. This will really help. One huge trick that takes some of the wheel building skill out of the process is to use wire or zip-ties to wrap each spoke at the crossing point.

Anyone know how to lace the back wheel on a honda crfr?
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Story and Photos by Jimmy Lewis. Spoke-Rim Changing a rim is a task many are afraid of. This is Bret Cue from vereqyx. A lot of people think. In my last blog post I covered how to lace up a wheel assembly with new spokes.

Tech: How To Lace A Rim Easily

Lacing Wheels

For many riders, wheel building is likely the last thing they think of when a bike related project comes to mind. In most cases, if we are going to do a service that is more than just a basic oil change and filter cleaning it will be a top end rebuild or fork oil change. If the bike is really lucky a linkage service. Wheel building, to many, is a black art. The kind of thing very few mortals can accomplish.

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  1. That convoluted three-dimensional puzzle with an alloy hub at the center of a spider web of steel, wrapped in a rubber donut, is not as intimidating as some think.

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