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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine Re-Create ‘Breakfast Club’ Poster

gal gadot and chris pine


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Fans of the first Wonder Woman movie were overjoyed to find out that a sequel was being made. And now, thanks to Comic-Con, we have a glimpse of the original cast back together again. Turning out to talk about Wonder Woman , the long-awaited sequel to the smash hit first movie, star Gal Gadot, and onscreen love interest, Chris Pine, reunited with their director, Patty Jenkins. And for the occasion, Pine wore an incredibly striking outfit. Intent on making a strong impression on the crowd, Pine wore double orange to Comic-Con. Or is it tangerine? Or peach?

The racist comment occurred after the pair reported on a story about a gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The pair were joined by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins who re-teamed with Pine for the six-episode cable murder mystery. In I Am The Night, Pine, 38, plays a tabloid reporter who befriends a teen played by India Eisley who arrives in LA looking for a rich relative who's a celebrated doctor. The drama takes its inspiration from the mystery of the infamous LA murder case of the Black Dahlia and the identity of the brutal killer. Download the Microsoft News app for your Android or iPhone device and stay up-to date on the news you care about most. If you're trying to make a piece of art, I want to know that I'm being witnessed, actually, truly heard by the person,' he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Gal Gadot forgot where she was at pic. Earlier today, reports confirmed the film is the most tweeted about feature of the year thus far, and fans continue to praise the standalone feature on social media. From fan-art to memes, the DC fandom is going hard with its Wonder Woman celebrations - and they are really loving one video in particular. Sites like ComicBook were able to speak with the stars, but one interview featured a rather hilarious shot of Gadot staring wistfully at Pine.

Unlike most superhero films, their relationship is one of equal footing. And he does it all with a sense of humor. In which case, this is your cue that there will be spoilers ahead. The duo make the occasional awkward small talk, which is lovely and fun. But the scene really takes flight when Diana calls it a night and extends Steve a perfectly innocent invitation to sleep beside her. Essentially, the Amazonians concluded that men might be necessary to procreation, but not necessary for pleasure. And she has to say it with a straight face, with a certain amount of innocence and earnestness.

Chris Pine gets support from Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins at I Am The Night LA premiere

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot - can't stop touching and looking at each other - Girl like U

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine can’t stop giggling on ‘Wonder Woman’ set

The Gal Gadot superhero movie is the sequel to the hit release, Wonder Woman. While not much is known about the Patty Jenkins directorial, the makers left many eyebrows raised when it was announced that Chris Pine has been added to the cast of the DC film. The announcement came as a shock given that his character dies in a crash in Wonder Woman. For those who don't remember, Steve Trevor takes off with an aircraft filled with explosives and goes down with it. The actor was spotted on the sets of the Wonder Woman sequel when the filming began. He looked in an all-new avatar when he stepped out in Washington DC with Gadot by his side.

The Wonder Woman sequel is well underway and if these first look pictures are anything to go by we have a lot to look forward to. The movie — which is titled because we will see Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince in the 80s — is still many months away so we will have to wait till then until we truly figure out how Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor, is making his return. Take heed everybody — Chris Pine is back and he is wearing a bum bag and a very retro looking tracksuit. Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman can also be seen in a similar 80s get up as she donned a power suit. WW84 pic. It will be focused on the year , the heart of the Cold War era, and although further details are still under wraps studio Warner Bros trademarked 17 websites including Wonder Woman , Wonder Woman Arrives, Wonder Woman Returns, and Wonder Woman Lives, which could go a long way to giving us some clue as to what it will all be about.

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