Visible tattoos and employment in the restaurant service industry

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Tattoos & Piercings in the Workplace – Is It Okay?

visible tattoos and employment in the restaurant service industry

Tattoo Talk Tuesday! Tattooed and Employed?

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Being stylish has its price: For restaurant employees, having a tongue barbell, ear plugs, bright pink locks or an anime tattoo on their arms could get them fired, bitched at -- or not hired in the first place. An unconventional look with body modifications and Manic Panic really should not be a deterrent to working in the food-service industry, but it often is -- and while some employers are rational and realistic, there are still other who actually believe that customers will be freaked out to the point of choking on their meatloaf and mashed potatoes at the sight of some ink or a nose ring. I'm calling bullshit on all that.

Body art or tattoos and body piercings of a wide variety are becoming the "norm," especially among younger adults. However, a recent article in USA Today clearly demonstrates that the public does not expect to see tattoos and piercings on the people who greet them when they check into a hotel. The overwhelming majority of readers who commented on the article said it did not matter what type of hotel it was, they did not want to see tattoos and body piercings, besides regular earrings, on hotel workers or other people who deal with the public. One reader added, "Do you want piercings or a career? Despite the potential impact on career options, tattoos and body piercings have exploded in use by the younger generation. Visible Tattoos and Employment in the Restaurant Service Industry. Sara A. Brallier. Department of Sociology, Coastal Carolina University.
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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Managers are shown a resume and a photograph of a potential job applicant. The photograph depicts either a man or woman, with or without visible tattoos. Based on past research, Alternative Hypothesis One predicts that tattooed applicants will be less likely to be hired than nontattooed applicants. View PDF. Save to Library.

There was a time when companies looking to ban visible tattoos in the workplace had a relatively easy time of it. After all, employees with tattoos have no specific legal protections under Title VII. And yet, the EEOC has filed a number of lawsuits against companies that prohibit visible tattoos. Tattoos are a subject on which there are strong opinions. Tattoos are far more mainstream than they used to be.

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Body “Art” and “Piercing” Jewelry – Problematic for Employers in the Hospitality Industry?

In this day and age, being stylish often means displaying artwork like tattoos and body piercings. In fact, both have become a part of the culture that is culinary arts.

Tattoos in the Workplace




Are tattoos still a taboo?


Sara A. Brallier, Karen Ann Maguire. The objective of this study is to assess restaurant managers’ decision to hire servers as a function of the applicants’ tattoo status and gender. The photograph depicts either a man or woman, with or without visible tattoos.
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  1. As tattoos increase in popularity, questions persist regarding their impact on customer perceptions.

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