How to add family and friends on glo

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How to Add Family And Friends on Glo GBam & Glo Infinito

how to add family and friends on glo

There are times when we might need to add our relatives or friends to a tariff plan. Gladly, one of the most popular telecommunication companies, Glo, has a way through which you can share one data plan among a number of users. Continue reading to learn how to add friends and.

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You can gift friends or family members Glo data because you can now share data on Glo and they will be really appreciative, do you want to know why? Data is life. We just love surfing the net, be it social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, snapchat and we love asking questions whether sensible or ridiculous questions on Google. To tell you the truth there are a lot of things we do on the internet. So how do you surf the internet when you do not have a data plan or MB?

Globacom introduced the Glo infinito prepaid plan which is a cheap tariff on Glo with attractive call rates to any network in Nigeria and cheaper call rates to family, friends and associates. This plan is fantastic; there are no hidden conditions, no recurring payments… nothing! The Glo infinito plan is a tariff pan that allows customers to make cheaper calls with no telescopic condition and no daily rental or access fee. At a rate of 22 kobo per second, customers on Glo Infinito tariff plan can call other networks in Nigeria. If your family member, friend or business associate uses Glo network, you are in good hands because you can register their numbers as the plans offers cheaper call rate to other Glo networks. The Glo 11 kobo per second call rate is only for the 10 registered numbers while calls to other network aside the 10 registered number will attract a call rate of 22kobo per second. This rate is for only calls to other network, calls to fellow Glo customer has a lower call rate.

This guide explains how to add family and friends numbers on Glo Infinito, and Glo GBam tariff plans. Globacom allows its customers to add.
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Friends and Family plan has been around for a long time but unfortunately, some people up till date are oblivious of the bonuses they get to enjoy when they join the family and friends plan. Registration for family and friends on Airtel is free of charge and you are allowed to register just 4 numbers. You can also remove and add another phone number but you will incur a service charge of N20 new phone number substitutions. On Glo, first time registration for Family and Friends numbers is free. Subsequent changes will attract a fee of N You can use BBCodes to format your content. Your account can't use Advanced BBCodes, they will be stripped before saving.

Although other network are up and doing making sure they are not left behind. The only disadvantage of Glo Data is in terms of the data quality in some part of the country. Glo has a very cheap calling rate and they give large quantity of data to their subscribers. Am sure all Glo subscribers can testify to this. This article promises to give you full details on all the exciting benefits available in the Glo world. This plan is for those business men who are always making business calls at long duration. This plan is almost too good to be true because you get to make calls like a boss.

Hence, if you used to call ONE special number, do not be surprised if you wake up one day and realized that you have been charged more for calling that your ONE special number. In addition. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here. Someone should pls answer Moses.

How to add family and friends on Glo network?

Now you can find anybody with a Globacom line., There are times when we might need to add our relatives or friends to a tariff plan. There may be different reasons for that, but the outcome is always the same - we need to know how to do that!

Cheap Tariff: 11 kobo per second Glo Infinito Tariff Plan for family and friends

Home About Contact. GLO Nigeria has generally proven and retained the Grand Master of Data periodically from her year of existence up till this current year with a trend chart of more subscribers and more still trooping in and also with the introduction of mouthwatering tariff bundles. The Unbeatable increase in their data plans has continued to elaborate and increased their growth rate drastically to a point of maybe no return unless this idea is diminished. In terms of a stronger and cheaper data bundle, subscribers around Nigeria would always run to GLO Nigeria, but how better do they operate in the provision of better tariff plans like their competitor MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile. Tariff plans and Data Plans are not the same thing as an activation to a tariff plan may unlock a special data plan or probably some data plans only work in a certain tariff plan. Choosing a suitable Tariff plan for yourself would be your choice considering the benefits you stand to gain. There are varieties of data plans provided by the GLO Nigerian network service, these packages are sectioned from the smallest to the biggest and from the cheapest to the expensive ones, subscribers now have their choice to make based on what they can afford.




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