Museum of innovation and science

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Competition, innovation and the world of tomorrow

museum of innovation and science

CERN - The Globe of Science and Innovation, Geneva -


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I study neuroscience and thought that the brain section of the museum was very interesting and very So glad I read about this place, tucked away but so worth the trip. Hands on for all ages. Make sure you see Mission Control. All the staff was helpful and friendly.

Its mission is "to celebrate, explore and inspire science and technology, past, present, and future" [1] The museum's Executive Director is William Mac Sudduth, Ph. Inside of the museum is the Suits-Bueche Planetarium. The projector can show the sky from any location on Earth , years in the past or in the future. Opened in , the CLC at miSci offers simulated missions to space for groups and for the public. Challenger Adventures are for visitors of at least 5 years of age. All Children under 7 must be each accompanied by an adult. All groups of children must have at least one adult present.

Throughout history, innovation has been driven by competition. One of the greatest examples of this is the Moon landingsarguably the most significant achievement of modern mankind, which would see 12 humans walk on the surface of our nearest celestial neighbour between and While it is not in question that we as a species have always yearned to explore the unknown and to push forward into space, it was the backdrop of the Cold War that enabled this game-changing achievement. At the time, both the USA and the Soviet Union were competing to showcase that their ideology was the best. That competition, underlined by the very real threat of all-out war, led to a surge in technology and innovation back on Earth. Today we live in the Space Agea world defined by our first foray with the stars and the legacy of the Space Race of the s.

miSci | Museum of Innovation and Science

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  1. Hands-on STEM exploration Hands-on classes, demonstrations and planetarium experiences at miSci or your school; interactive exhibits and Challenger Learning Center missions.

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