Amendments and revisions of the 1987 philippine constitution

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Changing the Constitution: What are being proposed so far

amendments and revisions of the 1987 philippine constitution

Any amendment to, or revision of, this Constitution may be proposed by: (1) The Congress, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members; or. (2) A constitutional.

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We track the proposed revisions to the Constitution, based on draft constitutions and proposed changes by the House of Representatives. Efforts are currently underway in Congress to revise the current Constitution, mainly to set up a federal form of government. Pros and cons of making the shift. The House committee on constitutional amendments, split into 4 subcommittees, considered these inputs and presented summaries or salient features of its own proposals in mid-January Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte has set up a member consultative body tasked to review the Constitution. This serves only as a tracker of proposed changes, and should not be seen as the final version of a revised Constitution. Phrases highlighted in light orange are the portions of the Constitution that are eyed for amendments, while those in yellow are new phrases or sections inserted in a draft charter.

Constitutional reform in the Philippines , also known as Charter Change colloquially Cha-Cha [1] , refers to the political and legal processes needed to amend the current Constitution of the Philippines. Under the common interpretation of the Constitution, amendments can be proposed by one of three methods: a People's Initiative , a Constituent Assembly or a Constitutional Convention. While no amendment to the Constitution has succeeded, there have been several high-profile attempts. None reached the ratification by referendum stage. The President, through official proclamation or executive order, may create a consultative body that will study and propose amendments or revisions to the constitution.

The House of Representatives recently issued a resolution asking that members of Congress — which, in a bicameral set-up, is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives — convene to consider amendments or revisions of the Constitution. Full text of House Resolution No.
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Resisting such an initiative, provided it is supported by a rational public consensus-building process, is an integral component of constitutional democracy as well. As a constitutional democracy, the Philippines finds itself perfectly within this constitutional reform context. Obviously, the Duterte administration is fully committed to increase public awareness and support for federalism and charter reform. But there is still no guarantee that Filipinos will rally behind a move to enact a new constitution. In all three instances, any revision to the national charter shall only be valid when approved by the electorate in a plebiscite.

Why the 1987 Constitution has endured for 32 years without amendment

Notably, the current Philippine constitution has stood for three decades without any amendment.,





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