Michael douglas and glenn close film

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michael douglas and glenn close film

Fatal Attraction is a American psychological thriller film directed by Adrian Lyne from a screenplay written by James Dearden, based on his short film Diversion. Starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer, the film centers on.

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By Ellie Genower For Mailonline. Their film became something of a cult classic, and even coined the term 'bunny boiler' to describe an obsessive, spurned woman. And now, nearly 30 years after psychological thriller Fatal Attraction was released in cinemas, Michael Douglas and Glenn Close enjoyed a reunion backstage at her musical Sunset Boulevard. The stars were certainly looking a little older and greyer than in their s heyday, although Glenn was hardly recognisable in her heavy theatrical make-up as washed-up silent movie star Norma Desmond. Posing in a personalised robe, the year-year-old actress wore dramatic purple eyeshadow and a deep red wig after coming off stage in the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical, currently playing on Broadway. Michael was joined at the show by wife Catherine Zeta-Jones who sported a black and cream floral dress. Meet and greet: Michael was joined by wife Catherine Zeta Jones who sported a black and cream floral frock while Michael wore a leather jacket and jeans.

Thirty years ago today, "Fatal Attraction," the psychosexual thriller directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close , arrived in theaters. The film followed Dan Gallagher, a guy who has a brief affair with a career woman named Alex Forrest. Alex then becomes obsessed with Dan and stalks him and his family, with deadly results. The movie's original ending had Alex frame Dan for her murder before killing herself. But when test audiences didn't like it, the studio reshot the ending, with Dan's wife, Beth, shooting and killing Alex — which Close initially protested. It was going to make a character I loved into a murdering psychopath," she recently told the New York Times. And I learned something.

Glenn Close may have gotten her start on Broadway, but it was 's Fatal Attraction that turned her into a box office darling. Surprisingly, the year-old is the most nominated person to never win an Oscar—a fact that could change if she takes home the Best Actress award for The Wife on Sunday, Feb. In honor of Close potentially becoming the 25th Triple Crown winner —an actor who wins an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony—we're ranking 30 of her movies, from the very best hello, Albert Nobbs to the not-so-great. It remains a standout in the stalker-thriller genre thanks to her portrayal of Dan's Michael Douglas deranged and obsessed lover, Alex Forrest. Watch the alternate ending of Close severing her own head to the sounds of opera music if you're wondering why she's considered a Hollywood great.

Fatal Attraction is a American psychological thriller film directed by Adrian Lyne from a screenplay written by James Dearden , based on his short film Diversion. Starring Michael Douglas , Glenn Close and Anne Archer , the film centers on a married man who has a weekend affair with a woman who refuses to allow it to end and becomes obsessed with him. Fatal Attraction was released on September 18, by Paramount Pictures. It received positive reviews from critics and generated controversy at the time of its release. Dan Gallagher is a successful, happily married Manhattan lawyer whose work leads him to meet Alexandra "Alex" Forrest, an editor for a publishing company.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Fatal Attraction turns 30 on Sept. Check out 8 things you might not know about the iconic thriller. Glenn Close still has the knife In an interview with Vanity Fair , Glenn Close admitted that the knife she used to attack Michael Douglas is framed and hanging in her kitchen at home. Unfortunately it lost in all six categories. James Dearden wrote and directed the minute short film for British television and was brought on to adapt the screenplay for the U.

In Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close kicks up a tempest. She seethes; she screams; she boils bunnies. She stalks him, kidnaps his child, and attacks his wife, a horrible denouement that ends with Dan nearly drowning Alex. In the end, it is the wife who violently deals the final, fatal blow. Fatal Attraction, which turns 30 on Sept. It was a box-office success that earned six Oscar nominations, including a nod for Close. It also sparked a pool of pale imitators, which are being released even to this day.

The 30 Greatest Glenn Close Movies, Ranked

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. The two-time Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo has an awards-worthy list of must-see shows.

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