Should killer whales be kept in captivity pros and cons

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Should Orcas Be Kept in Captivity?

should killer whales be kept in captivity pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Zoos

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SeaWorld San Diego, long known for its live killer-whale shows, will begin phasing out the performances next year in favor of conservation-based shows, company representatives announced yesterday Nov. Phillips agrees that firsthand experience is one of the best ways to garner interest in conservation. She visited SeaWorld for the first time as a child, and her experience sparked a lifelong interest in marine wildlife and research. She thinks that, as long as regulations are upheld, places like SeaWorld are essential vectors for inspiring future conservationists. Roberts hopes the whales will still have opportunities to use their brains and avoid boredom. Roberts said that even with the potential benefits of parks like SeaWorld, overcrowding is an important issue. Roberts thinks the organization should focus on having the fewest animals necessary to do the intended job.

Animals that are bred in captivity will not be able to live on their own. Pros: Decreased nutritional value from frozen fish (require vitamins).
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Free Willy is what kids today might deem an "old-fashioned" movie -- can you blame them, since there was not one text message in the script? But it might just have a revival at your local Blockbuster this weekend, given the tragic events in Orlando's SeaWorld last Wednesday. As people, our hearts go out to the trainer's family and friends for their loss and to the families who witnessed the horrific event. As mothers, our thoughts go to our children of course we're always looking for triggers for meaningful conversations and trying to help them learn something from this, like the ongoing debate of freedom versus confinement, the environment, and everyone's including our kids' responsibility to protect it. Sure spots like the zoos, circuses, and water themed animal parks are on our wish list of must-sees for the kids -- what a wonderful way to show them the animals who are such natural wonders of our world. But is doing so simply self-serving and actually detrimental to the animals we are so admiring? Here, just a few of the key points we've rounded up from some of the top news sources ABC news, BBC, CNN and from experts like Jack Hanna, director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Adam Roberts of Born Free USA, an animal protection advocacy group , and organizations on both sides of the debate to help you think about it and spark some conversation with your kids:.

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Will SeaWorld's Phasing Out Killer Whale Shows Make a Difference?

Jump to navigation. This discussion focuses on the use of orca whales in captivity and the laws and regulations that govern such use. It then analyzes the legal issues these facilities face as a consequence.

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Can We Be Rational About SeaWorld?



Trainer attacks; After the death of a senior trainor Dawn Brancheau, the Occupational Safety and Health Admisnistration (OSHA) sued.
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