Rick and morty april fools

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New Rick And Morty April Fool’s Episode – Bushworld Adventures NSFW

rick and morty april fools

Should Adult Swim Apologize For April Fools? (Rick and Morty vs Samurai Jack)

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As usual, the Rick and Morty brand used an international day of pranks to pull some shit on fans. And it was, uh, not totally well received. Ever since co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland pulled a reverse-prank by dropping a legitimate episode of their long-awaited Season 3 on April 1 without warning, fans have developed a pretty high standard for these kind of hijinks. But if we're being real here, the minute short is actually pretty hilarious — and very much in-line with the ethos and comedic stylings of Rick and Morty. And to get even realer: learn to take a goddamn joke, Rick and Morty fans. Both Roiland and Harmon have made it abundantly clear that they would not be working on Season 4 until they and Adult Swim came to an agreement on the renewal contract for the show.

Adult Swim sends altered versions of Rick and Morty on a bizarro trip that's definitely not family-friendly. Rick and Morty have had some weird adventures Pickle Rick! In a very-not-family-friendly minute video called Bushworld Adventures, a raggedly drawn Rick and Morty discover that all those reports of dangerous creatures living in Australia aren't exaggerated. Morty seeks treatment for a snake bite in a very personal spot, and well, things go exactly as you might think. Is there a cartoon version of Child Protective Services we can call to get Morty away from his grandpa, because

Throughout the long wait for the premiere of Rick and Morty Season 3, co-creator Dan Harmon used a single phrase to rebuff all questions, complaints and proddings with a simple phrase: "they're drawing it! Rick and Morty Season 4 has now reached that "they're drawing it! On Friday, an animation supervisor on Rick and Morty posted a photo from inside the Bardel Entertainment offices in Vancouver. Included in the photo is lead animator Etienne Aubry and senior production coordinator Mark Van Ee it's possible their titles have changed since Season 3. First week back! While the animation team is back at work on Rick and Morty Season 4, its premiere date is anything but imminent, since animation can take months. So this timing might just tee us up for a late summer, early autumn release date.

'Rick and Morty' April Fools episode is a huge f**k you and it's kinda great

How ‘Rick and Morty’ April Fools’ Prank Helped the Show Hit a ‘Critical Mass’

M arch was a tough time for Rick and Morty fans desperate for news about Season 3. We sure hope so. The coolest thing Rick and Morty fans had to play with in March was a really weird point-and-click Instagram adventure game called the Rickstaverse. April 1 fell on a Saturday night when almost everyone was busy doing Saturday night things, so when I got a text message from a friend saying the Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere was airing, I laughed it off like so many others did. Thanks to the roughly two-year gap between Seasons 2 and 3, impatient fans evangelized the series through word-of-mouth as viewers new and old binged the series online. Will the Season 4 premiere air as a surprise on April 1 like the Season 3 premiere did two years ago?

On April 1, , around a year and a half after Season 2 ended on a massive cliffhanger, the word started to spread that the premiere had aired. I remember my reaction, which mostly consisted of dismissal. However, after a few hours — specifically around the next morning — people were reviewing the new episode and commenting on it. It was real. And my reaction — that the rumor spreading was in fact the joke — was apparently common and preemptively taken into consideration. But it worked.




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