Blue marlin fish house diners drive ins and dives

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Blue Marlin Fish House Restaurant [CLOSED]

blue marlin fish house diners drive ins and dives

Blue Marlin Eats 15lbs Mahi By the Boat!

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We went here because we were in Miami for just one day got off a cruise and waiting for a flight. We drive 20 minutes to get here. What a disappointment. Greasy fried food and high prices. Just think, we could have gone to Joe's Stone Crab and had some nice appetizers! Off and on over the years we have stopped by this restaurant. Usually the people running the restaurant are different each time we visit, however, Oleta the cat is still in residence there.

We stopped here for lunch thanks to the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives appearance. We liked the casual feel, the location is nice and the service was friendly, but we found the food average at best. The smoked fish was tough no flakiness inside like Guy Fieri advertised and we needed the sauce served with it to get it down. Ordinarily we pass on sauces so they don't overwhelm the fish. We enjoyed the smoked fish dip better than the sandwich but the crackers they serve with it can overpower the dip. We would have preferred a fried fish sandwich but did not see it on the menu.

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Not Up to the Hype - Blue Marlin Fish House


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