90 day fiance daya and brett

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90 day fiance daya and brett

Status: Married Brett, who lives in Washington, met Filipino Daya via online dating. The couple is still married and welcomed a daughter.


Why are they on this show when they refused to do the reunion? Need the money, I guess. I could never figure out if I liked Daya or not. Was she the one who thought her ring was fake or am I confusing her with someone else? I wonder how much they are getting paid. I thought they did the reunion? Daya is the one who thought her ring was fake.

It might be the best show that's ever been on TV. Of course you want to know how all the lovebirds are doing—are they still bumping uglies or have they parted ways. Let's dive in! The season will follow Paola's pregnancy and the birth of their first son, who is of course named Axel. Having someone to love is family.

Brett and Daya (Season 2)

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