Jonathan david and melissa helser

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Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

jonathan david and melissa helser

from generation to generation. “Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.” - Psalm Jonathan and.

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Jonathan and Melissa Helser are worship leaders who have pursued a multi-generational vision to see the love of God transform the Earth. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and believers in people. They love the global Church and getting to lead worship around the world. In addition to leading worship and the Cageless Birds collective, Jonathan and Melissa give the majority of their year to discipleship. One of their strongest desires is to see the children of God walking in the fullness of their identities and building strong, sustainable friendships with the Holy Spirit that will continue to serve them their whole lives. Volume V is designed to encourage and empower you to pursue healthy, thriving relationships in marriage, parenting, dating and relating to your parents. It is full of prompts and practical tools created to help you identify your need for connection and establish new ways of processing and pursuing family relationships.

Jonathan and Melissa Helser are passionate lovers of Jesus and believers in people. They live in the woods of Sophia, North Carolina with their two children, Cadence and Haven, and their two labradoodles, Solomon and Ruby. Their mission as a family is to live from a place of wholeheartedness, fully connected to the Holy Spirit and to each other. They long to empower those they encounter with the truth that Jesus died to be with us, vibrantly living inside of us. He is the One who affects every area of their daily lives, whether in the hidden ways they manage their lives and homes to the more visible way they lead the Church into the presence of God.

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser of Bethel Music

You Came (Official Lyric Video) - Jonathan & Melissa Helser - Beautiful Surrender

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Their last album, Beautiful Surrender , was their breakthrough released upon the Billboard magazine charts. The husband and wife duo reside in Sophia, North Carolina with their two children. The husband and wife duo commenced their recording careers together in , with releasing their first studio album, Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea , on November 24, , using the Bethel Music recording label. Their third studio album, Beautiful Surrender , was released on September 30, , from Bethel Music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.




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  1. More than musicians or worship leaders, Jonathan and Melissa Helser are lovers of God and believers in the gift of Family.

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