Mercy me new album the hurt and the healer

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MercyMe - The Hurt and The Healer

mercy me new album the hurt and the healer

The Hurt & the Healer is the seventh studio album by American contemporary Christian music band MercyMe. Released on May 22, , the album was about .

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Released on May 22, , the album was about the season that the band is currently in at the time of composing the music. The album sold over 33, copies its first week and debuted at No. This song reached No. In the past, MercyMe and Millard have made songs "based on what people wanted to hear me say. It sounds like I've got it all together, but it's where I wanted to be; not where I was. This past year, I've definitely had those moments where I found myself asking God, 'You are still in control, right?

The idea for the song came after the death of Millard's firefighter cousin, who died while fighting a fire, and the song's early completion resulted in the album being pushed back so that the band could make sure the rest of the album "held its own". Krodel, a firefighter killed in the line of duty, was a friend of all the members of MercyMe and also a Christian ; his death, according to the band's bassist Nathan Cochran, "was a moment of extreme pain for everybody". It gave me a chance to kind of be part of the healing process. And you'd think it's something you do all the time, but that close to home, to hurt like I lost a brother and to still kind of pick up the pieces is something that I don't think anybody really gets used to". The band felt the response to the song was bigger than they expected and that it "raised the bar" [2] for the rest of the album. Bart Millard 's vocals in the song range from the low note of E 4 to the high note of A 5.

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After ten years of being a household name in Christian music circles and, after the mainstream success of " I Can Only Imagine ," households around the globe , MercyMe has garnered several awards, 1 hits and Gold, Platinum and even Double Platinum standing. MercyMe has been all grown up for some time now, but with The Generous Mr. Lovewell , we see a different side of them. Rather than simply offering up music that is encouraging and touching, the tunes from Lovewell challenge listeners as well. Two discs make up the MercyMe 10th anniversary celebration disc The studio tunes are almost entirely made up of 1 hits and listening is a good way to remember why we've loved this band as long as we have!

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The question that is never far away But healing doesn't come from the explained Jesus please don't let this go in vain You're all I have All that remains. I'm alive Even though a part of me has died You take my heart and breathe it back to life I fall into Your arms open wide When the hurt and the healer collide. Breathe Sometimes I feel it's all that I can do Pain so deep that I can hardly move Just keep my eyes completely fixed on You Lord take hold and pull me through.


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