Young and restless hilary dies

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young and restless hilary dies

In Memory of Hilary Curtis -- "Goodnight, Hilary. And Goodbye."

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As we start the new week something will be different on The Young and the Restless. You just need to look at social media to see how many viewers have praised Mishael and fallen in love her work as the feisty, Hilary Curtis Hamilton. In true grand soap opera fashion, and we mean that in the best possible way, on Friday, after Devon and Hilary were pronounced husband and wife, her condition is making her weaker and weaker from the injuries sustained in the car accident and the complications from surgery. The newlyweds have a champagne toast with the glasses Shauna Camryn Hamm gave to them. Now getting into the hospital bed with her, Devon holds his dying bride as they start to have the heartbreaking talk as they both know what is about to happen. Devon begins to break down as he tries to hold it together so Hilary can let go. She tells him to make her funeral service a celebration.

Candace Young. Thursday, July 26th, Friday July 27, Billy and Nick fight, Mariah reaches a difficult decision, and Nikki gets hired. Devon and Hilary share a champagne toast using the glasses Shauna gave them. Hilary teases when she looks at him, she thinks about 7-layer bars he told her his grandmother made them. She kisses his head as he burrows into her neck. After, Devon holds Hilary as she asks him to be there for Shauna, who is special, and needs him.

Hilary is introduced as Cane Ashby 's new assistant at Chancellor Industries.
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John whom she blames for her mother's death. With the help of her accomplice Mason Wilder Lamon Archey , Hilary takes pleasure in tormenting the entire Winters family by trying to get Neil to fall off the wagon and drugging Cane into her bed. After she is exposed, and finds forgiveness and compassion from Neil and Jack Abbott Peter Bergman , a grateful Hilary becomes involved with Neil despite developing feelings for his son Devon Hamilton Bryton James. Hilary marries Neil in and begins an affair with Devon soon after. Despite their forbidden romance, Devon and Hilary garner quite a vocal fan base and are considered to be a supercouple.

Today fans learn whether or not Lily will be sent to prison for her death! In an instant lives were changed as Hilary took the brunt of the horrific impact. She was raced to the hospital still alive. The joy was short-lived, however, as the doctor secretly told Devon that she had only days to live. The grief-stricken man kept the secret from everyone and arranged for them to be married in her hospital bed.

What Happened to Hilary on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Hilary & Devon - hold on

How did Hilary die on The Young and the Restless: Should Lily be in prison for her tragic death?

But the actress announced her departure from the soap in June of , and Hilary's story ended in tears. Let's go back and see how it all began Hilary started an affair with Neil, and despite no one approving of their relationship, they eventually got married. However, Devon Hamilton later professed his love and Hilary finally broke down and admitted she felt the same. But as the pair were about to tell Neil, he was blinded in a freak accident and they decided to break his heart after he recovered.


The Young and the Restless - Hilary and Devon Are Married While She Deteriorates


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