James corden and stevie wonder

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Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke

james corden and stevie wonder

The moment Stevie Wonder attempts an English accent is amazing. Stevie Wonder recently appeared on James Corden's US 'Late Late Show' and took part in.


Karaoke is a party pastime that doubles as psychological experiment — revealing what people do when they grab a microphone and, for a few minutes, pretend to be someone else. But it can take a more meta turn, too, especially as a hugely popular, viral fixture on the The Late Late Show with James Corden. Corden turns on the radio, and, surprise! Mimi is having none of it. This thankfully does not lead to a car accident, and instead the two end up going on a hunt for cowboy hats and boots.

James Corden has loved growing Carpool Karaoke into a viral sensation. What are you saying? James Corden is shocked at the number of people who have seen his singalong with Adele. All Rights Reserved Source:Supplied. Despite his impressive run of A-listers, Corden admits he still gets starstruck. I hope we get them one day. Another memorable moment featured a guest-turned-life saver.

Since James Corden launched his Carpool Karaoke series, it has become a fantastic way of seeing our favourite stars belting out their biggest hits. James has managed to secure some huge names for the show - in which a famous singer joins him for a mini road trip and a sing-song - and we've hand selected our very favourites. Is yours in there? Rod is as cool as ever in this car journey, especially when he's discussing his rock and roll lifestyle and smashing up hotel rooms and being banned from Holiday Inns. Sam and James get all soulful in this episode, and they were later joined by girlgroup Fifth Harmony, whom Sam is a big fan of. Apparently, he had no idea they were coming and his face was priceless. Oh, and he sang a bit too.

Watch: Stevie Wonder did 'Carpool Karaoke' with James Corden and it's the best one yet

As the year-old singer celebrates his birthday, we look back at THAT legendary carpool karaoke. Stevie Wonder and James Corden's outtakes are released. The Late Late Show Youtube.

Stevie Wonder’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Segment Was So Good, It Made James Corden Weep On National TV

So we thought James Corden hit the jackpot when he sang with Mariah Carey, but he definitely stepped it up a notch when he was joined by the legend, Steve Wonder, for 'Carpool Karaoke'. This clip broadcast last Friday 11th September sees Stevie get into the driving seat next to James Corden before he admits 'he forgot his licence' and swaps places. The pair then proceed to drive around California singing along to Stevie's songs, starting off with 'Superstition'. James is clearly in his element and he sings and dances to the songs. Stevie then decides to Facetime someone to check that it is in fact James Corden he is in the car with, after the confirmation he 'admits' "all English guys look alike".



Stevie Wonder Makes James Corden CRY In Carpool Video



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